Accidental Cat

Some decisions are made in a blaze of resoluteness, after careful consideration and much discussion. Others are made merely by yielding to the inevitable. We used to not have a cat, now we do. I was not won over by its cute furriness, although it is an exceptionally attractive cat according to other family members. I was not won over by the obvious intelligence/shrewdness the cat displays daily. I was definitely not won over by the dead prey Cat began leaving on our doorstep. Yeah, yeah. I know its supposed to be a sign of cat-respect or cat-affection or whatever. But, the upshot is that there are still dead carcasses sprinkling my doorstep and deck which is in no way desirable. Well, it might be desirable if it were a burglar carcass. Id be very impressed and appreciative if Cat killed a burglar and dragged him to the doorstep.

I was won over completely by a simple action, or rather non-action, by Cat. We were sitting on the front porch, we being me and my two year old toddler. She loves to follow Cat, who usually tries to stay a few feet in front of Cassie. In a fit of determination, Cassie tried to actually grab Cat. This only resulted in Cassie tripping and landing square on top of Cat with a thud spread eagle. I couldnt see cat parts anywhere, just a blob of toddler on the sidewalk. Before I could reach them, I saw a paw wiggling out from under the blob, quickly followed by more cat-parts. I had this awful image in my head of Cat smacking Cassie and blood everywhere and a cat-phobia for the rest of her life. (I have a vivid and quick imagination). Instead, Cat kind of shook it off and then continued to play gently with Cassie. What a cat!

Note in a Bottle
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