Best Worst Valentines Day Ever

In college, my best friend (who was also my room-mate) and I happened to be single and not even remotely attached on Valentines Day. Things in the dorm were ramping up to near hysteria with arrivals of flowers and packages while girls were getting ready to go out for the evening. After some little thought, we decided that we didnt really need guys to have a good holiday. We came up with a plan: going to dinner and a movie (a chick flick). At least it would get us out of the dorm and away from the aggressively love-struck co-eds.

So, off we went. Dinner somewhere with a fork and waiter. So far, so good. Except that soon the restaurant filled with couples and the waiters turned down the lights and turned up the romantic music. We did happen to notice that cooing-couples seemed to be getting significantly better service than we were. At that point we still had a sense of humor, looking forward to the movie.

We decided to go see Sliding Home with Mark Harmon and Jody Foster (break for those of you that have seen the movie, allowing you to regain your composure) There may not be a more romantically depressing movie in the universe. That is THE all-time most depressing movie to see on Valentines Day. We thought How bad can it be? Hes cute and she can act. Little did we know! It starts with him being a washed-up ball-player holed up in a weird little motel with a tacky-bimbo. He gets a call from his parents, telling him a girl he used to know is dead. He goes back to his home-town. The next large part of the movie is told about how he loved this girl growing up, and then when he was a teenager she loved him too but he couldnt hold on to her because she was a little older and in college (?) and then later ended up married to someone undesirable and then divorced and she kills herself. He finds out she left him her ashes because he would know what to do with them. The rest of the movie is him being sad and trying to figure out what she wanted him to do with them. Isnt this exactly what you want to watch on Valentines Day? Especially with two actors who are at least good, and one of them being great, at pulling viewers into the story? Aieeeee.

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