One of the nicest things about the Internet is the ability to reach vast amounts of people (or at least three) instantly (or at least as often as they check their email). I find it fascinating that I can read things written today by people in Michigan and Canada and Oregon. Still, as entertaining as that may be, what good is all this inter-connectedness if no action comes from it? So, I have decided to be bold and actually DO something. Yes, Im going to pray. Sometimes Ill pray about troubling things and sometimes Ill pray about inspiring things. But, all the time Ill be full of joy (and awe) that God is actually listening. Think about that. God is LISTENING to you! Isnt that exciting?

After giving it some thought, Ive decided to put a Prayer Request line in the sidebar. Anytime youd like me to pray for you (or yours) just click on Prayer Request. Who knows? I may be praying for you already.


Just chillin' at the beach at Lucy's, a fellow Floridian....

Chris Muir | 02/13/2004 - 06:28 AM

Nice site Lucy. Thanks for visiting over at my dishpan. The dribbles that come from there may not always be the most entertaining but they're all very true to my life. Come on over and pull up a chair. I have a huge kitchen and the coffee's always on! Just don't mind if I keep washing those dishes. I can easily multitask. I will listen to your comments above the banging of the pots and pans. :)

Tammy | 02/13/2004 - 06:47 AM

Name: Eric & Serena Knutson
> E-mail:
> Prayer for: Restoration of Our Marriage "Eric&Serena Knutson"
> Prayer Request: I ask you GOD Almighty Most High Abba Father that you
will Bring my wife of 13 + Years home and that she willnot files for a
"d" a second time.
> And that our Marriage will be for life and all Eturnity .
> She was the most wounderful wife and mother for 11 years .
> I ask that you RESTORE OR marriage and bless us with more children
In JEsus name i ask this and also that you do for me as you did for
Hosea and put a hedge of thorns around my Beloved Wife Serena . I am our
tow young kids miss Serena always and we belive GOD will bring her home
I and the kids pray alot for our Family and for Serena "mother of our
kids ,My wife . and for her to COME home to us . it has been almost 2
years we miss her GOD .
> I believe marriage is for eturnity . I ask also if a priest would
pray a blessing over our marriage and family and That the HOLY SPIRIT
WILL SEAL and Bind our Marriage on Earth and in HEAVEN for all eturnity ,I ask for agreement in JESUS
name on all this AMEN
Sincerly Eric ,daughter Devann13 , Son Jonathen 9 .missing Serena Mother of our Children and MY WIFE

Eric&Serena K | 03/24/2005 - 08:17 AM
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