Toothpaste Trouble

I have two sons. Ron is 6 years old. Lee is 4 years old. Recently both visited the dentist. They are now fascinated by all things dental. Lee asked to be excused early from the dinner table so he could get right to work cleaning his teeth. I thought this was a good idea since that would free up the bathroom later when Ron was ready to obsess about his teeth.

Lee was gone a few minutes. Suddenly, he BURSTS into the dining-room denouncing our brand of toothpaste, swearing NEVER to use it again. He was practically incoherent, what with all the spitting and tongue-wiping. I tried to explain that its impossible for toothpaste to go bad in just a few days. He was having none of that. Nothing would do but that I acknowledge the horridness of our toothpaste.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Ron looking entirely too interested. His father also started looking at him. Suddenly, guilt broke him. Ron confessed that he had been experimenting with the toothpaste, trying to improve it. He had noticed that the hole where toothpaste squirts out and the nozzle on the antibacterial-soap dispenser were about the same size. HE ADDED SOAP TO THE TOOTHPASTE TUBE!

Poor Lee. expecting minty-freshness on his new dinosaur toothbrush, only to get a mouth full of yellow antibacterial-Dial.

Poor Ron, facing the wrath of a 4-yr old with a mouth full of soap. I think its safe to say that Ron will remember Lee screaming DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN for the rest of his life. Personally, I have discovered that there are no fonts capable of capturing the tone of a livid 4-yr old with a mouth full of soap.


Glad you like it :)

Lucy | 03/31/2004 - 05:03 AM
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