But I Don't WANT To Go To Nevada!

It seems like Ive been posting a lot about my husband lately. Truth be told, its because hes easy to write about and Ive had a freakishly busy few days. Plus, I find him completely fascinating.

I was watching one of those trendy home-remodeling shows recently. It involved a quiz about your spouse. One question that grabbed my attention was: If your spouse had a choice among these states for a long weekend-getaway, which would she choose. Florida, Nevada, or California? I immediately decided Id like to go to California. My dear sweet always-right husband wandered through the room, so I sprung the question on him. He looked at me, smiled, and left me completely speechless by saying (yeah, Im gonna make you click for it)

Well, we visit Florida when we visit relatives and youd dismiss Nevada because its basically a big desert, so youd say California. But, youd really want to go to Nevada.

I announced firmly that he knew very well Im not a big fan of deserts. I just KNEW he was wrong. How was it possible I could be wrong about where Id like to go? No way!

He gently pointed out that the question was about states, so he deduced that I wouldnt consider the specific destination city. Thus, Id forget about Las Vegas being in Nevada. He knew Id love the great hotels and restaurants, even though I dont gamble.

I dont know what shocked me more, that I was wrong or that he was right. Its very interesting being married to him.

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