Resistance Is Futile

I was talking on the phone to a distant friend about how we spent the weekend. My husband and I had a great time taking the kids to the Kiwanas pancake breakfast fundraiser! They made pancakes in interesting shapes for the children. There were women walking around the tables distributing more pancakes and sausages and juice. There were raffles. There were live bands. We were fortunate to get there at the right time so that we saw a little bit of both the bluegrass group and the polka band (wearing leiderhosen!) The overlap was hysterical. In order to segue from one band to another, the groups tried to do one song in the style of the group that performed before them. Nothing is as side-splitting funny as old men in leiderhosen singing bluegrass! Even though it was the middle of the morning, we had to take the children home and plop them into bubblebaths. They were practically soaked with syrup. Then, everyone took a nap. Can you imagine the wild joy of having an afternoon nap? It was an extra-good day.

My friend listened and laughed good-naturedly. She said I was worried about you adjusting to life in a small town. I see youve been assimilated!

And its true, this is foreign territory for many of my friends. They can no more imagine living my life than they can imagine being assimilated by the Borg, with their carefully maintained cultural sophistication as demonstrated by their condescending awareness of Star Trek. Without intending to be mean, my friend said the equivalent (in her mind) of youll be living in a trailer soon, with rusted vehicles and chickens in the yard, while you hand-craft the costume youll be wearing to the trekkie convention.

Oddly enough, I feel sorry for her. Im sure she cant remember the last time she laughed out loud just for the joy of being alive. I find myself glad to be ordinary and middle-class, their words not mine. I know this confuses some friends to no end. They keep holding to the idea that if they are only sophisticated enough that happiness will find them. It is inconceivable to them that I flew in the face of all that is true and right (according to Vogue and Cosmo) and found a moment of true happiness sitting across from the love-of-my-life surrounded by squirming syrup-covered children while wearing sweatclothes at the Kiwanas Pancake Breakfast.

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