I had a good Saturday. We slept late, then traipsed off to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It was SO fun! Since we got there about 15 minutes after the start of the parade, we took up positions at the end of the route, didn’t want to miss anything! Although, in all honesty, in spite of being a good sport about going, I think my husband would have been all too happy to have missed everything. He doesn’t love parades with every fiber of his being, which is outside my comprehension. How can you not love parades? This one was rather good, with Clydesdales and race-cars and boy-scouts and cheerleaders and veterans and a mini-drumline from the local university.

Those guys were freakishly amazing. About eight guys performing on different drums, and I do mean PERFORMING. We were ½ block past the official end of the parade, and there were several people past us. The drummers got to the ending-intersection, performed a big finale, and almost collapsed in relief. Then, one of the drummers in the middle of the group looked down the next block full of people. He said something to the rest of the group. Big sigh. Heads up, shoulders back, on they marched! And not just half-hearted either. Sticks flying and twirling around in the air, bouncing along like they hadn’t just finished a full parade route. I looked down at Ron (age 6), watched his little head bobbing along, saw his hand twitching just a little bit, and that foot tapping. Finding a music teacher is now on my list of things to do this week. Well, maybe next week. But definitely soon. Very soon.

I’ve discovered that standing at the end of the parade route is a pretty good place to get goodies. Most people that are throwing out candy or trinkets pace themselves, trying not to run out before the end of the parade. This means that at the end, they dump the loot they’ve held in reserve. We finished the parade experience with a toddler covered in green beads and boys stuffed with candy. Then on to the outdoor events on campus! Students selling food and corporate sponsors with giant inflatable toys. That was the highlight of my day. “Well, what a sorry boring day if your highlight was watching boys jump around in an inflatable castle” you think to yourself. But, you don’t know the rest of the moment …

The children were all in the bouncy-castle, with my husband standing next to the net sides to keep an eye on the hi-jinks while I sat on a bench holding the shoes. I looked up to catch him watching me, kinda smiling to himself. Every woman should have a man look at them like that at least once in a lifetime. The look that says he thinks you are his most precious possession. The look that says he would marry you again in a heartbeat. The look that says he will love you forever, and beyond. It brought back a thousand memories, maybe more. All the good times from all the years, like seeing my life flash before my eyes. A really good life. A song says “the only dream that mattered had come true, in this life I was loved by you”. He’s spent our life together working hard to make my dreams come true, but all he really had to do was look at me and smile.

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