Cassie (age 2) has decided that poop is a good finger-paint, and that EVERYTHING should be painted. (Bed, walls, pillows, stuffed-dog, clothes, etc).

Lee (age 4) has decided that Mommy needs a better toothpaste system. Squeezing calmly from the bottom results in an unbalanced tube. His solution is to squeeze all the paste to the BOTTOM of the tube, thereby making it balance with the cap at the other end.

Ron (age 6) jumped up from behind the bed to surprise me tonight when I was looking for him at bedtime. I almost had a stroke, springing straight up in the air and making a shocked/outraged shrill Aieeee sound while flailing backwards. When asked what part of the day was his favorite, he replied The part where Mommy went (mimics me flailing/gasping) Asked what hes looking forward to tomorrow, he said Making Mommy do (mimics me flailing/gasping) again.


When my oldest (now 5) was about a year old, she decided to fingerpaint on the wall with her own personal "paint". My sister in law (single, late 20's) was over at the time, actually helped clean up! Aren't kids fun!!!

Jema | 03/20/2004 - 02:15 AM

Laughing as I read this...:) thanks for sharing the smiles!

Regarding innovative wall decor: my oldest daughter decided Chapstick would do nicely...

Julie Leung | 04/15/2004 - 08:39 AM
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