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I know it must seem like I'm obsessed with children's television programs, but I'm not. Really. Its just those seem to be what I watch when the tv is on, because I have children and don't let them watch things like CSI :)

Occassionally, my husband will spoil a show for me. Like Sesame Street. Elmo's World in particular. Did you know Dorothy isn't "Dorothy"? He pointed out that all gold-fish look alike and they probably have a tank of DISPOSABLE goldfish backstage! This would acount for why Dorothy gains and loses weight so noticably. Now, everytime we're watching Elmo, I'm thinking "Ewwww, disposable pets". The magic is ruined.

And dogs. I no longer look at St.Bernards the same way after my dear sweet gentle husband pointed out that he had heard the when the dogs are used for snowy-mountain-rescues their handlers have to stay right behind them because if they find the person they're looking for the dogs think the person is a giant frozen doggie-treat. AND EATS THEM. Yeah, its not like the St.Bernard across the street is a huge threat, but it makes you wonder ...

I suppose we just think differently, extremely differently. An example: Once we saw a few huge crepe-myrtles along the side of a narrow tree-shaded backroad. A hard summer rain had knocked many of the hot-pink petals onto the ground and the road. I blurted out "its so pretty" at the same time he blurted out "what a mess". He's also indifferent to garnish.

Thank goodness he's not indifferent to me :) In fact, today he made me feel so loved that I cried a little. Not much crying, because I look like a puffy beet when I cry, and if he made me that happy he deserves to not have to look at a puffy beet!


My dh does that with medical shows. He worked for eight years in a hospital, most of that time in the ICU. I happen to like medical shows. But not with the running commentary in the background. "Oh come on, at least make it LOOK real!" "Yeah, if they did that, he'd be dead by now." "Hello???? ANYONE gonna give him the right med?"

I actually asked him to shut up or go back to programming something...anything. He takes all the fun out of it!

Lest you think he's a bad guy, he promptly threw a pillow at me and then tickled me until I told him how smart he was! Goof ball.

Leni | 06/16/2004 - 11:35 PM
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