More Proof Chris Muir Is Smart

As if any of us needed more proof that ChrisMuir (the witty genius behind is smart, he's indicated in charming style that he's evacuating Florida because of a hurricane.

He's in our thoughts and prayers. For example, I'm thinking "Thank Goodness Its Not Me". Been there, done that, got OUT! And I'll be praying something along the lines of "protect him and his, provide him with peace of mind and heart, etc". Feel free to pray along with me. The more the merrier. (And while you're at it, pray for Bruce-Sheilah's-husband. The almost ex-catholic who can't bring himself to be a protestant. It seems that religion is more stress than comfort for him, which is a shame.) But, I digress ...

See, its obvious that Chris is smart because he is indeed following expert advice and leaving his home/area. I'm always amazed at the otherwise-normal people that insist "I'll be ok, nothing is going to happen, I'll just sit here until the storm squashes me, it'll be fun" WHAT are they thinking?

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