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Attention, attention! Please note there is a new site listed under "Excursions". For those of you that came late to the party, I only list sites that I visit daily to save myself some time. The Resplendent Mango is definitely one of those. And isn't that the yummiest name? You'd think her site would be a fabulous vibrant orange, or maybe yellow. But its a rather sedate lovely watercolorish green. Very serene, but kinda common. (Nothing like my especially lovely site, designed by the now defunct KingOfFoolsDesignServices :) Not that I'm trashing her site design, just pointing out that her content stands by itself, making her site fabulous for all the right reasons. Still ... I would love to see it with little mangoes all over it. Y'al know how I like things to match and coordinate, but I've accepted thats my own personal issue to work on.

You may also note that Dowingba is gone. Thats because he's a brilliant guy thats been writing on technical things that bore me to tears, instead of the kinda cool creative stuff he does so well too. If I understood half the stuff he says I'm sure I'd be fascinated and awed. As it is, I just feel stupid when I read his site. And its grey. Totally grey. Which is because he's color-blind ... but, still. Hey, he's also a good musician. I think he has a link to the Mozeba site, thats the group he plays with. Its kinda different music. Very listenable.

So there you have it. I can't keep my living room clutter free, but I'm working on keeping my sidebar updated. Actually, my husband is doing it. But I supervise :)


Alright, it's vibrant now. Thanks for the suggestion.

Katie | 09/27/2004 - 03:42 AM
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