Earlier this week, my mini-van broke in such unusual and fascinating ways that the parts had to be ordered from the factory in Lansing. Apparently, no one in the entire county actually carries the parts because of the "unusual" and "fascinating" nature of the repairs. I'm sure there were guys at the factory going "HOW did THAT happen to a MINIVAN!?!"

Then I killed the vaccum cleaner. It started making a sound it had no business making, then it wouldn't make any sound at all. My Dad couldn't figure out how I did it. Eventually, he did find the problem (which is totally unfixable) and announced "I've never even HEARD of that happening to anyone else!"

I looked at my mixer out of the corner of my eye, and the gears stripped. I kid you not (well, not much) My mother loves me. A lot. She lives near a repair place, and I live hundreds of miles from one. Now, I have a new six-quart mixer and she's hauling my old one cross-country on an adventure trip (destined for repair and use as my Mother's back-up holiday cooking mixer, with extra bowls).

I better get offline before I kill my computer!

Update: I think I killed my monitor. The right side is doing weird color things. LOL! I better not hug the children!


Oh tell me this, after I already clicked on your link! :) Just kidding....

Sheilah | 10/09/2004 - 06:34 AM
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