A Real Quiz, Just for Sheilah :)

I love going to Sheilah's site and finding fun quizes (mostly) (I still don't think I'm the color "blue" although I'm definitely the cartoon characters "Daria" and "Lucy from Charlie Brown"). But, some of the quizes are SO not real quizes. I think Sheilah deserves something a little more personalized than multiple choice. As it happens, I came across just the "quiz" that will reveal everything there is to know about a person. (LOL) OF COURSE, it comes from Sam!

We were sitting at Chili's, settling in to enjoy a night of whining and carbohydrates. Apparently, the boyfriend-of-the-week had explained a pseudo-religio-philisopho-visualization quiz to her. Actually, its been pretty accurate (dead-on!) for the people I know well enough to evaluate the conclusions. Its wild! Lets all take it together, then I'll explain the results and tell my results, and my husband's, and my friend's, and her boyfriend's, and I fully expect you to post your results in the comments section!

Here goes:

First, take three deep breathes, exhaling slowly after each.

Visualize a desert. Get the image fixed firmly in your head. Details are important! Now, visualize a cube in the desert. Pay particular attention to details about the cube. (It helps to take a few notes) (It also helps to think of this as a painting) Now, visualize a ladder in the scene. Remember as much specific information about the ladder and its location in the scene as possible (for example, pretend you'll need to pick it out of a pile of ladders later). Now you're ready to add a horse to the scene.

All done? OK!

First, the desert is how you feel about your situation in general in life. If you have a ton of cacti, you're percieving a lot of problems. If its one giant cacti, one giant problem. Hills near the horizon indicate a concern about the future. A mesa right in front of you, a complicated situation. Mesas, ravines, etc. indidate trapped feelings of despair on a deep level (perhaps in your subconscious). Shifting sand (like an AnselAdams photo) indicates insecurity about your choices.

The cube represents how you view yourself and your relationship to your situation (powerful, weak, insignificant, dominant, etc).

The ladder represents how you relate to your friend's opinions. For example, if the ladder is leaning against the cube all the way to the top, then you value your friends opinions extrememly much, to the point that you will follow their advice against your own judgement. If the ladder is leaning against the cube half-way up, you consider your friends opinions but keep your own counsel as well. If your ladder is on the ground away from the cube, you tend to follow your own advice. Is it a temporary ladder, suggesting you move through friendships quickly or is it a solid ladder, suggesting longterm relationships? Perhaps its made of multiple materials, suggesting you have different types of friendships.

The horse represents your significant other and his/her location to the cube represents your relationship. Yeah, THATS a riot!

My results: A flat desert, with a few hills in the far distance. A few cacti sprinkled artistically around the periphery of the scene. The cube is about two stories tall, out of polished nickle. No visible seams or doors or windows. I was in a mood-and-a-half at the time, so my ladder goes halfway up the side of the cube, but no door. And it was a standard sturdy normal ladder (from HomeDepot), the kind of longterm friends I can count on with a few new friends gathered hear and there along the way. I envisioned a sleek bay arabian with black main and four matched feet, standing near the cube but facing away, calmly grazing, totally aware/certain of the cube but not remotely alarmed.

My husband's results: Totally flat desert, no cacti. The BORG CUBE from StarTrek (and he's not even a Trekkie) which is sitting on top of his ladder! This is not to say he doesn't love his friends ... he just can't imagine needing another person to assist him in decisions once the information is assimilated! Then he envisioned a Clydesdale looking at the cube with fascination! (I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried ... and he definitely didn't know about the particulars before hand, or even the general purpose of the quiz) I'll admit I'm a little overweight ... but a Clydesdale !?! For those of yu that can't get the image, those are the giant horses that are red with white feet that pulls the Budweiser wagon in parades. They're huge! He explained later that he was more focused on the "but they're pretty" part of choosing a Clydesdale. Sam laughed so hard she hyperventilated.

Sam's results: Rolling desert hills in the near area. Large shiny black cube, about ten stories tall. Ladder goes almost to the top of the cube, but not quite. The ladder is made of twigs held together with leather strips. Now, the interesting point is that she envisions the horse in a series of activities, and its a pony instead of a horse. A pink velvety pony that comes prancing over the nearest hill, prances around the cube, and then is suddenly prancing around the corral on top of the cube with no way to escape (but still happy in the corral)

I don't remember her boyfriend's results, but I remember his roommates! I don't even know the guy and I feel bad for him. He envisioned a donkey in a catus patch, standing on a ladder, with a rubik's cube in its mouth, shaking the cube as hard as it could! Do you think he had some issues!?!


My desert was nice and golden brown with gentle dunes. My cube was an oversized sugar cube. My ladder was wooden and was on top of the cube pointing into space. My horse was brown and running with the black tail and mane whipping in the wind behind it.

Thus I have an easy life; I am very sweet; I am a friend of God; and my wife is really hot.

King of Fools | 10/12/2004 - 05:20 PM

Good answer! Sounds like the quiz is accurate again ... Its kinda creepy how accurate its been for the people I know ...

Personally, this Clydesdale is on a diet! Sure, he thinks I'm a "pretty" fluffy Clydesdale ... but still ...

Lucy | 10/12/2004 - 05:51 PM

I went ther yesterday...Gosh that guy is handsome. I know, I know.

I want a good christian man. I got a rough start and tumbled into mistake after mistake.

Hey, Good to see King of Fools. I just asked him to pray for me. I do not know how to use my computer anymore since the disease set in and Dean had taught me things years ago and I forgot. I want the Video Professor cause that is easy for me and I can learn better. Reading books is hard and my comprhenson of tech books is awful.

I don't know how to save and file and nothing and I am trying to get my book written.....

Shelia is a neat lady and oh my what darling little girls....

My daughter is in Washington and of course Rosemary, so they are all grown up.

Diet!?! Why? Hey, you just take it easy Lucy. Just shop on the outer aisles ya know honey. The fruits, the vegs...Those darn supermarkets put the expensive stuff in the middle cause they know Mommies put their children in the baskets and the Kiddies say.,"Mommy, I want that!!!"

Advertising, same thing at McDonalds...what is at a lil' kids eye view...not your eye view, bend down...

Loves Ya Lucy and keep prayin for Dean and Rosemary.

Janelle | 10/19/2004 - 03:48 AM

Oops, my vision flunked. Stupid pain it is hard so I will try again later.

That is insightful honey.

Have you ever looked up the Four Personalities? Florence Littaeur and her husband go around the globe teaching these biblical personalities. We all have the four but are dominate mostly in two.

She lost two boys Lucy. She is a tremendous writer and has soothed my soul. Her daughter travels with her at times teaching things about are God Given beautiful personalities.

Thank you Lucy for being, Lucy.

Janelle | 10/19/2004 - 03:56 AM
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