Weird And Interesting Personal Side-effects of Motrin

I've noticed a trend in my family to have "sensitive" reactions to many vitamins and medications. For example, usually a dose of Percocet is good for 4-6 hours. A half dose will render me totally pain-free for twelve hours. On the other hand, valium and codeine do absolutely nothing for me. Most of my extended family is the same general way.

I've been in "screaming" back-pain since Thursday. Today I'm better enough to be whining about it. Thats a good indicator that I'm really better. I've also been eating Motrin like candy. 800 mg every 6 hours, supplementing occassionally with Aleve.

I've noticed that the roots of my hairs hurts. This is different from hung-over people announcing their hair hurts. Mostly, they're nuts and my hairs really hurt. I've also noticed that when taking large doses of Motrin, I start having nightmares. REALLY bad ones, and I'm often unable to wake up. Although as I come off the Motrin, I find I can stop the dream and snap awake. My husband kinda rolled his eyes, and suggested it might be all in my head. So, I polled various relatives in a blind poll. Its definitely a family trend. Even those that weren't aware of the trend exhibited the same effects.

Other weird side-effects: coming of antibiotics, I get a little depressed. Nothing suicidal, but still noticable. For about a week. Sam is WAY more sensitive than I am to synthetics. If she takes a synthetic medication, she basically gets put on a suicide watch until the medication clears her system. Fortunately, her mother likes to travel and clean closets. If you have to be sick, getting your closets cleaned and organized kinda compensates.

Maybe I should be writing more cheerful posts, although I find vaguely morbid topics interesting too and non-depressing.

Here's an antecdote for your edifications: I asked Lee to hand me a hushpuppy. He was deliberating, and explained that he needed to pick a big fat one for me ... because I was big and fat. My husband tried to explain to him that he shouldn't tell me I'm big and fat. Lee replied "But its true" My husband pointed out that it might make me feel bad. Lee asssurred him "Its ok, She already knows!" LoL!


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