Homosexual Shadow-Puppets For Toddlers

Sometimes I'll be watching TV with the kids, and I'll start wondering about the adults in the programs. For example, did you know Mr. Rogers was a coke-head? Really. Decades ago in the early years of the show. I guess talking to an ugly puppet kinda pushed him over the edge. Then he got clean, and contributed fabulous programming for generations of viewers. So that got me thinking about some of the other adults.

Now, I believe there are many many many talented sober performers in Children's television. I would be heart-broken to hear anything bad about Carol Spinney (Big Bird AND Oscar, among others). But some of the new ones are obviously not all right. Have you seen the clip of the Wiggles singing about making fruit-salad!?! Someone involved in that production was enjoying recreational drugs. I'm not saying it was THE Wiggles. It might have been a producer, or writer, or camera-man. But that is one seriously weird video.

And then, there's Oswald. At first I thought it was kinda like a bad LSD trip (according to how those were described by co-workers, one of which told me all about his trip into the carpet jungle and the weird things that live under our feet. ) I was so mesmerized by the "odd" voices and their equally "odd" buildings/houses that I asked friends to watch it. They thought I was insane until they saw it while we were playing boardgames. I also pointed out the gay shadow puppets on BearInTheBigBlueHouse, which is a show I loved until I noticed that. (I disapprove of sneaky-indoctrination) This is another of those times that my husband rolled his eyes and speculated that maybe my imagination had gotten the better of me. Afterall, what kinda freaky show would have homosexual shadow-puppets for toddlers !?! How fortunate that I happened to TIVO the show, and the captions confirmed what we was seeing. He was shocked. My friends were shocked. Of all the weirdness in the world, I've decided nothing shocks me more than gay shadow-puppets.

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