Its 11:00 o'clock Somewhere

When we were married, my husband asked me what ideas I had for our honeymoon. I begged and pleaded and he finally agreed to just hang out at our new apartment and unpack stuff. Got to admit, he kinda shook his head in disbelief that I wanted to spend my honeymoon in Gainesville, FL.

He more than compensated by taking me to DisneyWorld for our first anniversary. It was my first trip to TheHappiestPlaceOnEarth, before my disillusionment with their freaky sneaky indoctrination of children. For the record, I now believe Disney is subtly evil. But, back then in my days of ignorance and bliss, I absolutely was enthralled! It was amazing. My husband grew up near there and knows all the tricks (like making dinner reservations at Epcot as soon as you arrive in the morning) that made the trip a blast.

We were still young and less-than-wealthy so we slept at his grandparents who lived a few minutes from Disney (and it was a chance to get to know his grandparents). The only shadow on the whole trip was that on the day of our trip home my husband wanted to get an early start and I wanted to sleep in. Very reasonably I might add, since I was exhausted from days of wringing every last bit of enjoyment out of Disneyworld.

That morning he shook me awake and urgently whispered "My grandmother is waiting breakfast on you, and its already 10:30! You've got to get up!" I jumped out of bed, made a dash through the shower, and was standing in the kitchen ten minutes later (well aware that his grandparents usually ate breakfast early early early and shuddering to think what THEY must be thinking about their slovenly new-granddaughter). I did what any good Southerner does -- I marched right into the lion's den (the kitchen), took the bull by the horns (his grandmother, although I didn't know until later that she was REALLY a sweetie) and I apologized charmingly and profusely for holding up her breakfast.

She looked at me in confusion, and pointed out that it was barely even 8:00 o'clock! She certainly thought that I should have slept in. I just looked at her. Finally, regaining the power of speech, I blurted out "He told me it was almost 11:00!" She round the corner quickly, trapping him in the breakfast nook, really determined to give him a piece of her mind for lieing, and waking up an exhausted wife, and using her as an excuse to do it, and no telling what else she was thinking. He just looked down at her (he's tall and she's short) and smiled "But BigMama, its 11:00 o'clock somewhere!" She was speechless, which seems to be our downfall. As soon as he gets us speechless, he smiles and gives us a little hug. And the next thing we know, we're getting him ice-cream! He's a thoroughly dangerous man.


You must, under no circumstances, let my husband see this. I can just imagine what cruel thing he would dream up. Early mornings are NOT my cup of tea. However, I can be lured out of bed with a cup of hot tea!

Leni | 11/07/2004 - 03:44 AM
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