Christmas Plan

I have a new plan for Christmas next year. I just don't think my children are learning songs enough. I want them to really be able to enjoy Christmas carols at full tilt and hymns "sung like they mean them".

I have a plan to correct this overlooked area of their developement. I often sing to them as I tuck them in. I've noticed that they now know the words to all the verses of Amazing Grace which was the only slow song I could think of at the time, except for O'Little Town of Bethleham which would have made my husband nuts.

So, I'm going to make up a schedule to learn carols and a few hymns by singing to them each night, rotating songs each week, with review weeks ramping up into the holiday season! This is a good effective plan! Its possible that my husband is a tad alarmed at the thought of forty-odd weeks of Christmas carols, but he hides it well. We're starting Monday with "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee". (My boys like songs with a little 'bounce", which is good because I sing with lots of heart and little talent!)

I'm going to post the lyrics to the new songs as we add them, so y'al are welcome to come along for the ride. It should be a VERY festive ride!


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