Good News, OR My Husband Lives In Fear

I think its "Good News", but after I had The Epiphany and called my husband at work I'm pretty sure that a better title would be "My Husband Lives In Fear".

See, we're on a new schedule for the home-schooling. This frees up the afternoons. So I started recording The Party Planner again. (Sometimes I love it, and sometimes ... not so much).

Today, Ron and Lee are both a little under the weather so after "school" I settled them into the futon in front of the tv and we all watched The Party Planner together. My boys LOVE this show! Thats not the part that scared my husband ... although some of their "party plans" are definitely ... um, shall we say ... ambitious?

This particular episode was about throwing a formal dinner party in the garage because it was the only covered space not under renovation! It worked brilliantly! My wheels begin to spin ...

We're working on houseplans. The goal being to build/move this year. Perhaps a tad optimistic, I know. (Don't rain on my parade!)

Anyway, I've pored over the plans for hours and hours and hours. Obsessing over each square foot. I'm trying to go with the "Not-So-Big House" theory -- roughly paraphrased as "you don't need a bigger house, you just need a better designed house". Part of the theory is making each square foot do double or even triple duty. More bang for the buck.

I kept looking at the formal dining room, which I would only use at most six times a year. I tried to convince myself it could be a library the rest of the time. But, there will be tons of bookcases everywhere else. Finally, I just had to bow to the logic that two dining rooms was not the best use of space.

Still, it seemed a shame to not have the room for big dinner parties. HAH! No more! We can finish the three-car garage with polished-concrete floor, dry-wall the walls/ceiling, lots of recessed lighting, paint it a cute color ... a quick cleaning later we'll have a 36x24 party room.

I SWEAR to you this looked good when actually done. It was amazing! And to think I got such a GREAT idea from a tv-show. I think thats what scares my husband the most ... the unconventional inspiration I get watching HGTV, and TradingSpaces, and PartyPlanner. (He can't believe I've been inspired to take cake decorating classes so I can build Lee a "wedding" style cake for his 7th birthday! Lee is all about the sugar.)

When I called my husband to discuss the latest plan, he just groaned (silent groaning, but I could hear him thinking it) "Ummmm, maybe you can explain it better when I get home?" I'm not sure he has my vision (LOL)!

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