Going To Walmart

Going to Walmart is deliciously horrid! I hate the whole experience, which begins with a hike UPHILL from the parking-lot, and ends with the realization that my perception of time is gone. (I could have been in there 10 minutes or 2 hours and it feels roughly the same, which is a little unsettling)

The only thing worse than Walmart is No-Walmart. As it is, I live about two miles from a Walmart. How awful it would be if I had to drive for an hour to reach a Walmart! I've lived places where its a twenty minute drive to a convience store for milk, and forty-five minutes to "real" grocery shopping, and NO twenty-four-hour anything! Its not fun.

So, today I'm thankful there's a Walmart. And a LittleCaesarsPizza. Which the kids love, so I'm treating them for dinner. Note: You know you're on a diet when Little Ceasars pizza looks like the best pizza on Earth! LOL!!!!!!!

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