The Perfect Bow

Inspired by Julie's post on Motherhood-madness, I recount my bow-skills:

I can tie the perfect bow. Seriously. I had forgotten until this week. I was sending a friend a package, and the ribbon I had selected was only dotted on one side! This means that a normal bow would only show the dots on one loop.

Panic! ... wheels spinning ... whispers of memory ... something ... something ... chills along the spine ... The Hair Ribbon Bow! There's a particular way to simultaneously twist the ribbon at exactly the right step in the process with two hands so that you get the dots not only on both loops, but ALSO in the band around the middle. This is not for the faint-of-heart!

I spilled out my joy to Sam that I remembered The Bow. She responded absent-mindedly "hmmmm" then , "Hey, where did you learn to do that?" to which I could only respond incredulously "Did you NEVER live with my mother!?!"

I could hear her flinch from hundreds of miles away "Aieee. I remember, I remember"

That was the part that reminded me of Julie's article. My mother was one of those super-achiever-pusher mothers. Thanks to her years and years of training, I can tie The Perfect Bow.

So, if you get a package from me this week, take another look at The Bow. Its a work of art, years in the making!

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