Things I Don't Normally Think About

I'm still weak while recovering from the flu, pneumonia, whatever. I find myself watching a lot of TV. Or just laying around thinking.

Last night I saw a video for "I Believe" by Diamond Rio. Part of the lyrics are "There are more than angels watching over me".

I find that appropriate and interesting. I know people that seem to worship angels instead of the God that sent them to do his bidding. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with all those angel pins and angel rugs and angel mugs and blankets and stationary and dishes and hats and bumper-stickers. As long as you remember that angels are only angels (not gods).

Have you ever really thought about angels? Somehow, I don't see them being those fat little cherubs. Or even serene looking women (like some of my Christmas ornaments). I suspect that my guardian angel (or whatever angels God sends at the times I need them) is a little more ... intense. More of a special-forces kinda guy. Sometimes I wonder what scars he carries for me ... why he's so much better (or just more successful, perhaps more persistent) than some of my friends angels ... why they didn't get the miracles they needed and I did ... why I didn't die December 13, 1997.

Is that a morbid thought? Perhaps. But in a 12-hour period I should have died three times. The doctors all agree on that. I should have died from the drug overdose from the crazy anethesiologist. I should have died from the crash "c-section" where I was bleeding out on the table and someone had forgotten to stock the operating room with my blood-type. I should have died when they gave me a series of drugs I'm very allergic to.

You know that poem about footprints in the sand, about where Jesus says "it was then that I carried you", and its usually printed over an image of a serene beach curving into the distance? Well, that really annoys me. I've been on "the beach" so to speak, and it more like the invasion of Normandy in WWII than a morning stroll in Florida. I don't think he carried me gently while I cried a little. I think his angels hauled me off that beach amid screaming and bleeding and battling. I don't think it was easy, and sometimes I wonder what it cost them.

If you read the Bible carefully, it tells us a few things about angels. One, they can make mistakes. Two, we'll judge them someday. Three, they're sometimes armed (which implies situations where they'd need to be armed). Four, sometimes we "entertain them unawares" (so they must be around us, although I'm betting not in the "Touched By An Angel" TV kinda way).

Sure, they're messengers. But sometimes they also take action. It must be tiring and hard, continually standing in the breach.

Its dawned on me that if angels can make mistakes, and are in a stressful position then they have that much in common with my friends. And if my friends were having a hard/stressful time I'd be praying for them. So. Why not pray for your angel? They probably need it.


Angel helped me to cmtcunimaoe with the angels through the use of a pendulum. I have known for a long time that Archangel Michael is my *special* archangel. I asked a question about a choice that I made regarding a health challenge. She invited an archangel Raphael to answer on my behalf. That angel was not able to answer. What came through clearly was that Michael wanted to come through on my behalf instead. My question was answered, and affirmed the decision that I had made. It was heart-warming, also to know how beloved I am. If you have the opportunity to connect with the angels through Angel Anviur, do so. She is a loving and clear channel, and in these times of uncertainty, knowing that we have help from beyond is heart-expanding and comforting. They are just waiting for us to invite their presence. I wish that I could be there. Whoever attends will have a beautiful illuminating experience with their angels.xoxo Michaela

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