Two Saturday Screams

One, my dear sweet husband and I were wakened by children around 6:30am. This is a tad early. He actually got up, I settled in for a nap. Apparently, he worked on the houseplan until 7:00am. At that point he jumped back on the bed, presented me with printouts that required my attention/editing, and seemed to fully expect me to perk right up and get to work. At 7:00am. With morning-sickness and recovering from the flu/pneumonia. He appeared to grasp the error of his train of thought before it became A Moment To Remember With Horror. Thus, our marriage survives another Saturday.

Did I mention that he wants to build a castle? No kidding. A castle. Its not one of those cute Disney castles. He likes the ones from midevel England. More kinda lumpy squatty stone piles. With ramparts. And then he mentioned he'd also like a small herd of cattle. Or, rather, he'd like a herd of small cattle. DWARF cattle! A whole herd. I'm not kidding about that either. I'll definitely post pictures if we get midget-cows.

Two: I decided that I'd save time and energy tomorrow by giving Cassie a bath tonight. I was filling the tub with water, and she told me she thought it was a good idea to go potty first. Excellent idea! She hopped on the potty. Things were going well until she wiped her little bottom. Then, as far as I can tell, her nose started itching. So, she used the SAME PIECE OF TISSUE to wipe her nose! All I could do was scream.

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