Goodbye, Chris

Chris Muir writes a great comic, full of wit and charm. HOWEVER, am I the only one that is tired of the ad for "pictures of cool singles" with the incredibly bored/depressed female with lavender eye-shadow flashing her boobies? Ok, so the boobies aren't actually shown on his site. (The photo is cropped so that it shows her head and shoulders with her pulling up the bottom edge of her beige sweater.)

It shows up on the top right of my screen. As I'm reading the comic left to right: first panel, second panel, third panel, ad for depressed bimbos. It kills the punchline every day. Every. Single. Day. When I see the ad, I can't help but wonder what kind of horrid life has delivered her to this low point in her life. Not the best conclusionary feel to reading a funny comic. Enough is enough. I've been waiting MONTHS for that ad to go away. I just can't take anymore.

Goodbye, Chris. I'll miss you. A lot.

Update: Oddly enough, as my husband walked through the room he had an opinion about my writing. Usually, he just lets it slide past. But this time he couldn't believe I used the word "boobies". For some reason he seemed to find this an appalling word-choice (although his suggestions were far more likely to offend, in my opinion). I think its the least offensive of any of the other words I could have chosen. If it bothers you, get off my island.

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