I Swear Its The Last Update

I'm sick to death (hee hee) of clogging up my blog with stuff about my particular condition. So ... this is the last update. If your morbid curiousity (or true affection) drive you to seek more info, email me.

For those late to the party: I'm eight weeks pregnant. While that makes me nuts (I like babies, just not throwing up every day for all nine months), the real problem is that I had a virus about twelve weeks ago (flu/cold/virus/whatever). While I was walking two miles a day before the virus, after having the virus for a few days I couldn't walk around the block (1/6 of a mile). My blood pressure went nuts, probably malignent hypertension possibly triggered by the virus. Then I got pregnant, which precludes treating the malignent hypertension. My doctor freaked out, my husband is in denial, and I'm off on a round of specialists (starting to track baseline tests so they can determine later if home semi-bedrest is working, or if I have to be hospitalized).

While I am profoundly grateful for modern medicine, its possible that there are homeopathic ideas that might keep me alive and relatively undamaged for another 7 months. And prayer helps, although its a little pushy to suggest people pray for me for SEVEN MONTHS! But, if you're motivated ...

Thats all, unless you ask. Afterall, I'm tired of being a little-black-rain-cloud drooping over the beach (and no jokes about me actually being a huge-beige-rain-cloud).


WOW, sry to hear that about your condition. I will prayer for you and I do have a remedy for you; grapeseed extract is for you. Will keep veins clean and drops the pressure.

My mom just today was told she had they said she had malignent hypertention. She is 74 and never been sick and they tried her on several meds, told her to get off the herbal teas cuz the med didnt agree with it. Bless her heart I can't imagine how it must feel and I pray and believe you will be fine you and your baby, I dont know how old this is but....
for all others if you see it now you know you can take grapeseed extract which is ok with meds but check for your condition and at heath store. Drop me a line if you please

Hope | 06/29/2005 - 12:10 AM
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