I (heart) Paul Burgess

Sometimes I'm a slacker, especially about my "blogroll" which isn't really a blogroll but rather a convienent list of blogs I like to visit daily. Not one of those scratch-my-back-and-I'll-link-you-too kinda lists.

I have a confession. First I cruise my list, ending with DeansWorld. Then, I cruise parts of Dean's list. Its just SO conveinent! But his list is so big that I occassionally lose a blog, or don't notice a yummy new one.

Hence, to my chagrin, I recently found out that Paul Burgess has been blogging at "Let The Finder Beware" since November and I missed it! Thank goodness Dean practically hit me over the head with it in a post.

I just adore Paul Burgess! He's a sweetie. Often that description is applied to a sweet-natured yet daft individual, but not so with Paul. He's ridiculously brilliant, and gentle. What a lovely combination! No spittle-n-foaming at his site, although when he comments at DeansWorld I've seen him be downright firm. His blog is promising, and charming, and oh-such-a-relief from some of the more psycho-aggressive sites.

And, when you go there, you simply MUST click through to his personal page. While his current blog-format is a little brownish (for my taste) and non-customed, his personal page is a FABULOUS design with a vividly violet background! Not to mention its full of the coolest personal details: once he made up his own language from scratch including the alphabet, and he collects unconventional antiques, and he looks a little like an elf that got booted out of Santas workshop for having an irreverent sense of humor (that last part might be my imagination :)

If only he lived close enough to my real-space location for cakes! Everytime I see that picture of him, I want to bake him things. He's just got that look in his eyes, like a little boy (full of charm and mischief) that particularly enjoys a good layer cake!

UPDATE (COMMENT VIA EMAIL) Since my comments are STILL down, I just add the emailed comments to the end of the post. (I'd be all over my defective tech-guy-friend, but his head is about to explode from other stress and I'd hate to be the last straw :)

From Paul: Lucy, you are just too kind! Thank you very much!

I think you've noticed a key aspect of my blogging. Much as I enjoy the
blogosphere, there is this widespread and unfortunate tendency for
conversations to degenerate into arguments, and arguments into
foodfights. I don't know quite why this is, though I have my theories.
At any rate, though I've been known to take part in these arguments when
I can do so with a measure of civility, still, I want to do something on
my blog that's more than just the same old same old unending "All Star
Wrestling match" over politics or current events.

Hence the focus on my various rather quirky interests. Which, you
mention that language I constructed, it occurs to me that I have yet to
blog about my language! Ai, omigyamos omchocijog yothof Vananthal...
[Translation: "Hey, I'll have to write about my language soon..."]

BTW, one of the things I very much appreciate about your blog is your
spirit of civility, and your kindheartedness. Like I say, in short
supply sometimes in the blogsphere, and very much appreciated!

Also may I say, your site design (by the King of Fools) is beautiful!
For my personal website, I put the design together by hand, in the
process of learning to write HTML. For my blog, I grabbed the least
sketchy-looking (but you're right, rather dark) template available from

I guess, distances being what they are, I'll have to take a rain check
on those cakes! Though somehow I can smell the odor of a freshly baked
cake, wafting to me through cyberspace...

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