Another Island

Several weeks ago, I had Babalu added to my blog-list. I meant to write a really sparklely "welcome" post. I swear I did. Then life happened.

I felt almost guilty every time I clicked on my list, knowing that post was left unwritten. Also feeling relieved that having it on my list means that I wasn't forgetting to stop by there. And I do SO like stopping by there!

Today, life is still happening and I'm still bobbing along keeping my head above water. Three-and-a-half children and a dog-at-the-vet don't allow the time for this post to be long and effusive and sufficiently sparklely.

To the point: Val Prieto is a great writer, whose style is merely the frosting on his content. If you've missed him, you've really missed something special. ESPECIALLY today. He's got a post this morning called "A Tale of Two Terrorists" which is fabulous. Fabulous enough to inspire me to feed the children cereal for lunch and take the "saved" fifteen minutes to scribble out this post!

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