Sin Against Man And Nature

I went to Walmart yesterday, which was July 7th. JULY 7th! AMong other thoughts in my head were "hmmm, maybe I'll pick up an extra-kiddie pool since the puppies are enjoying the blue one so much. hmmmm, as long as I'm here I should check on sno-cone syrup for the church." Foolish, foolish mortal.

I noticed the pool display had been moved. But it wasn't until I saw the empty sno-cone aisle that I began to get a sinking feeling. Dun-duh ... dun-duh ... dun-duh ...

They've replaced EVERYTHING summery with a huge BACK-TO-SCHOOL section! Its still JULY!

I was still in shock as I staggered into the parking lot, where the wave of heat didn't help the situation. Thats right, people. The heat index was 100-plus. Lets think about that ... It feels like its 100-plus (and probably will for at LEAST another month, maybe two) and the FREAKS in marketing are just SURE I don't want a kiddie-pool or sno-cones.

As I frothed and foamed, my husband tried to be the gentle voice of reason. Notice that I said "tried". He pointed out that school would be starting soon, very very soon. That Walmart was offering a service to busy parents. Perhaps I shrilled "Its JULY!". Perhaps.

But, in retrospect and research, he's right. School in my parents area starts the first Monday of August. Each time for the past few years, the county has been moving up the start-time by four or five days. You remember those days of starting school in September? Gone. You remember school starting at 8:30 and ending at 3:00? Gone. You remember starting Kindgergarten early at 5 years old? Gone.

Schools routinely start at 7:00 and get out at 4:00, or later if you arrange for an "after-school" experience. I just found out that my almost three-year-old niece is going to school. Seriously. WHAT!?! She'll be three. THREE. Am I the only one that thinks this is a bad idea? That shocked me almost as much as the weirdness at Walmart.

Waves girlfriend called me with the red-alert yesterday. "Get yourself to walmart before word gets out!!! The school supplies are out!"

We start mid to late August here, but public schools don't start til Sept.

You hear me fuss and fume when it's two days before holloween, and the Christmas decorations are up. Fall is my favorite season, don't steal it from me!!


Leni | 07/08/2005 - 06:28 PM

This is what I get for not having any kids: I have no idea when the schools start around here. Though I know it's nowhere near as soon as the first Monday in August. (!!!!)

I live near the conjunction of three school districts in two different states, and the best I can do to keep straight what I hear from parents and kids is that some of the schools around here start a week or more earlier than others.

Having spent most of my life in various academic or church settings, the summer has always been the slow part of the year for me. So signs of the impending fall season always unnerve me...

Paul Burgess | 07/09/2005 - 01:16 AM
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