Yahoo! I Got Tickets!

When I was a little girl I loved riding to school with Dad because he listened to the local radio station. Country music. When I rode with Mother we listened to classical. Not that she necessarily loved it, but I needed to listen so that I could develop a feel for it. Mother's main focus in life was developing my potential, all of it. She envisioned me as Condi Rice, except for the black part. She almost took to bed when I got married instead of getting a PhD! But thats another story ...

Anyway, I loved the fact that I could sing along with the radio in my Dad's car. I can't say I was overly fond of most of the artists, but I did love the music of Charlie Daniels. It was so ... upbeat and funny and patriotic and defiant and independant ... giving voice to the things I felt inside and knew I'd have to wait years to say. His songs seemed to say that it was ok to be who you were even if it was blue-collar or red-neck. Not that I felt an overwhelming urge to dig ditches, but it was a novel concept to me ... that digging ditches wasn't the end of the world. That you didn't have to be smart or beautiful to have value, to be worth loving.

Sure, its a lot to read into country music. But you find inspiration where you find it. Even now, hearing his voice relaxes me. Makes that hard knot inside dissolve.

I've seen the CDB about a dozen times in concert. Usually, Dad goes with me. Its one of the few points our musical interests coincide. Which thrills my husband since it eliminates the need for his presence, because men-with-intense-Southern-accents grate on his audio nerve. Although he loves Marty Robbins. Go figure.

The point being, I GOT TICKETS! He's on tour promoting a new CD, which I'll be getting (and listening to when my husband isn't home, because I love him enough to not torture him) I'll be at my parents, so Dad will go with me. Actually, technically, Dad got the tickets. He also got tickets for the boys. Its at an outdoor venue, and it'll be the boys first outdoor concert experience. They're so excited they can't stand it! They won't be disappointed. Charlie Daniels is one SERIOUSLY good act in concert. I can already tell that I'll be fending off pleas for violin/fiddle lessons.

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