Things I Will Not Be Blogging

(1) While I was on vacation, it dawned on me that my entire family is crazy. Not in an axe-murdering criminally insane kinda way, except for that cousin who's adopted, which I only point out to reassure you that his inherited mental illness is in NO way related to my bloodline. I'm talking about the charmingly-eccentric-way-until-you-have-to-actually-live-with-them-then-they're-fullblown-nuts.

(2) My Dad and his pet cow. Ok, I'll probably be blogging that one later.

(3) Ikea, and my non-trip to Atlanta.

(4) The dead cow, the lunatic construction worker, and the incorrectly sized stairwell. Not to mention the wall in the wrong place.

(5) My husband's family. They're as crazy as mine. I'll note that he pointed out that perhaps, just perhaps, I'm evalutating relatives while having wild mood swings. Well, THAT doesn't mean that I'm wrong!


Got the 2006 Ikea catalog today. Made me think of you.

King of Fools | 08/03/2005 - 10:23 PM

I can't believe they'll mail it to you and not to me! Freaks!

A new one opened in Atlanta, and I was only a couple of hours away. Had a whole day-trip planned. Then the airconditioner stopped during the night, I overheated, and was too sick to go.

My husband sent me flowers, which he assured me were for no other reason than that he loves me. I think he may have been ... hesitant ... to mention the word "Ikea".

The flowers were lovely, fascinating every child that saw them. Several mornings I awoke to find short children standing next to my bed trying to figure out how to get the flowers off the safety of the table!

Lucy | 08/04/2005 - 06:23 PM
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