The Mommy Rebellion

We're sending our boys to school next week. There's just no way to do a good job homeschooling while sick and moving. I'm not thrilled, although I'm not as hysterically upset as you (and everyone else) think. Its a good small private school that only goes four days a week and gets out early. Sure, I'd rather be homeschooling, but its just for one year.

I've been confronted with some rather ugly school situations already. There are extra-super-strict regulations for uniforms, everything from underwear to lunchboxes. Having gone to a strict private school (non-catholic) myself, I understand all about the necessity and benefits of conformity for a calm serene learning environment. However, I also understand the limitations of rules to thwart technological advances.

Thus, today is the first day of the Mommy Rebellion. I would call it the Parent Rebellion, but my husband only shook his head and suggested that perhaps I wasn't setting a good example for the children. Which I don't understand because the children will never know. I don't rant in front of them. Besides, you'd think my husband would like for me to embrace new and exciting technologies!

Lets begin with gym shoes. They have to have laces. In effect, not slip-ons. No velcro. No zippers. HOWEVER, I found a pair of slip-ons with laces-but-no-ties at LandsEnd. With sweatpants, the teacher may never notice and my boys can continue their enjoyment of slip-on tennis-shoes. I LOVE internet shopping! Worst case, I'm forced to buy cheap lace-up shoes locally for gym and the boys can wear the slip-on sneakers the rest of the time.

Another battle engaged today is the conflict over warm lunches. The school is too small to support a full-scale warm-lunch service. Everyone packs their lunch. The odd part is that there's a microwave for the students, but they have to earn points to "buy" the priveledge of using it. I think students manage to use it about once a month. The rest of the time, they eat cold-ish lunches and water because they don't have access to a refridgerator either. (Personally, I'd think they could afford a fridge for each room if not for each child, but thats just me)

They don't realize it yet, but I'm a Mommy-With-Skills. First, the cold part. Insulated lunch-bags coupled with frozen cold-pack inserts. Which I already have, for use on long car-trips and in diaper-bags. Second, the hot part. Hmmmmm. I could feel the answer floating around the corners of my mind. Thermos! The old-fashioned industrial-vaccum-steel kind, the kind that keep food seriously hot for hours and hours! Which are harder to find than you think. Once again, let me just say that I LOVE internet shopping!

Colored pencils. The boys must have colored pencils, but only the twelve-color package. This year, Crayola came out with the standard pack of twelve colored pencils improved by technology. Now the pencils are "twistable", in effect mechanical.

This post is not to say that the administration at the school is ... unsuitable. They're very good people, who do the best they can. Which is generally acceptable. I just find that they approach technology and innovation timidly, with fear and wonder. And coming from me, THATS really saying something!


Hmmm....the mommy rebellion strikes a cord with me. Not sure if that's a good thing, but stupid rules beg to be challenged.

In our local pool they have a rule that if a man is wearing a shirt with his trunks, he may only swim in the 4 ft. section. Not the 6 ft, not the 2 ft section, only the 4 ft.

There are many more, but I won't bore you!

Leni | 08/11/2005 - 08:42 PM
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