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Last night, Ron came into our room around 4:00am to chat. Actually, he came to chat with the person sleeping closest to the door ... which is NO longer me.

So my husband did the chatting, and then stared at the ceiling for hours and hours as he is completely unable to go right back to sleep.

Around 7:00am I heard the alarm. Around 7:09 I heard the alarm again. Followed by a groggy "tell me when you get out of the bathroom 'cause I need to hop in the shower". I woke up the boys, and frosted the cupcakes for class-snacktime. Yes, I used sprinkles.

Around 7:25 I suggested gently that perhaps my husband should hop out of bed. He agreed, and then uttered "unless you're going to take the boys?"

It was the tone that got me. The glimmer of hope-but-not-really in his voice. Much like a small child that hopes to avoid school due to an unexpected snow-storm in August.

I smiled as I flipped off the lights. He deserves a freak snow-storm at least once in his life.

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