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This morning a friend commented that I seem much more relaxed and happy the past few weeks whereas my husband seems a little ... stressed.

That would be because he actually HAS lots of stress right now. Yet, could that be all of it? Afterall, I have lots of stress too.

Then, it dawned on me. I didn't need a nap yesterday. Sure, I'd have liked one but I didn't NEED one desperately. And there in lies the answer.

If I get hot (or tired), my blood pressure spikes dangerously. Which is a shame, because I enjoy heat. Hot air, hot water, hot chocolate. Especially after those few winters up North. It used to drive my husband insane.

Now, I must have it freezing. Cold air, cold baths, cold milk. Yes, I'm chilled to the bone. But I'm not vomiting and collapsing. I think thats a reasonable trade-off.

A few weeks ago my husband had a brilliant idea, as he lay there on our bed bundled in a down-comforter while the vent created an artic wind aimed at his toes. We could switch sides of the bed! Then the vent would blow cold air on my happy toes and he could sleep by the door which lets in slightly warmer air from the hallway.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. (Cue the music to Jaws ... dun-duh, dun-duh, dun-duh)

Then came the shocking revelation that the children don't prefer Mommy in the middle of the night. Rather, they prefer WHOEVER IS CLOSER TO THE DOOR! Yes, it was a blow to my ego. But now that I'm getting sleep I find that small things don't bother me as much. And its probably better for the baby. And its probably better for my heart. This is Heaven.

I'm in a good place, literally!


It also goes that when you hear about an attractive pianett, you were never there. It's always well I heard that crew X had an attractive pianett on a call the other day . When you delve deeper, crew X tells you it was actually crew Y I think these are just stories we tell each other to feel better about using our elbows for scaffolding to place precordial leads day in and day out.

Valery | 12/21/2012 - 08:32 PM
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