A Horse In A Field

We were driving along, which is often the time the boys want to talk. Last night, Ron (age 7) asked me out of the blue "If theres a horse in a field, can I use my markers to color it?"

Lucy: "What!?!"
Ron: "If there's a mumble-mumble-mumble my markers to color it?"

Lucy: "I don't understand you."
Ron: "Can I color a mumble-mumble with markers?"

Lucy: "I still don't understand."
Ron(who is not deterred by my obtuseness): "Imagine there's a horse in a field, you know, one of those things that is like a bubble protecting you in space. Now. Can I use a marker to color it?"

Lucy (who does NOT allow the boys to watch the SciFi channel): "FORCE FIELD! Ok. No, you can't use your marker to color it."

Ron: "Why not?"

Lucy: "Um. Well. Force fields aren't really solid substances. They're created with molucules that are vibrating and shaking at a very high rate of speed. The ink would simply shake off." (Yes, Lucy has been known to watch SciFi with her husband although she laughs at all the wrong times)

It turns out that Ron had been watching Cyberchase (a math-oriented age-appropriate program involving animated characters in cyber-space on PBS)

I'll spare you the detailed conversation from last week where he explained how to use the vector and initial impact to calculate where the volley-ball will land so he can anticipate where Emily is sending it and thus intercept it quicker! Apparently a little too much viewing of MagicSchoolBus (although in my defense he does watch it on the channel with no commercials).

It continually fascinates me how the boys apply new knowledge to their daily situations. It continually intrigues me that its entirely possible that he may be approaching the limits of my math-knowledge by the end of fifth grade. With very little pushing from me.

I'm not a real "pusher", but there's no need to make him reinvent the wheel either. Last week I realized he was intuitively trying to use algebra to solve his subtraction homework. You can't imagine his absolute JOY when I explained how to do the problem backwards, calculating the value of x by saying "x+3=5" instead of "5-3= __"

I think one of the problems that we've had with home-schooling is that I don't share enough of the day to day horror with my husband. He'd like to know whats going on, other than "yes, we did school". He may not be grasping that by the time the day is over I feel like I've been locked in a closet with with some liberal majoring in French literature. Not that there's anything wrong with French literature, or liberals, or closets.

Now that the boys are going to school, I'm sufficiently removed from the situation that I don't feel the need to trauma-block large chunks of reality. (LOL)

Since I live on the edge, I've decided to do a little specialized homeschooling each afternoon on the advanced subject of their interest. Which means that there'll be a quick review/reinforcement of their weak subject followed by as much "fun" as they want. What else can you do with boys that day-dream about how to color force-fields and speculate about how many english words mean "green"?



Forcefields are almost always blue. At least the decent ones are.

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