Random Weird Thoughts That Crossed My Mind Today

(1) "Tipping Point" versus "Cocktail Effect". TP refers to the dose of anything at which it becomes toxic. CE refers to the toxic interaction of otherwise harmless ingredients. Both are important concepts when considering the use of additives and preservatives in the food supply. And buying organic milk doesn't make me a liberal-tree-hugging-hippie-cummunist that wears white socks in public with birkies.

(2) Its sad to realize that one of your very best and oldest friends is totally having a mental "episode". By that I mean that she's completely lost touch with reality. Literally insane. She'll be ok in a few days (or weeks). But it leaves you with the rather unsettled feeling of being unable to count on her. For anything. Emotionally or physically.

(3) If you buy a tempur-pedic mattress, invest in a good set of satin sheets. You'll need the "slide-ability" to change positions. The foam mattresses are really comfortable, but it takes several seconds for the foam to adjust to the new position which means you'll need to be able to slide out of the "trough" your old position made until the new indention is formed. Just a thought.


1.) I don't wear socks with my birkies, so I'm still ok, right? Hmm...many of my lifestyle choices might lead one to believe I am a tree hugger. Not true!!

2.) I know what you mean. Disallusioning, isn't it?

3.) I honestly had never thought of satin sheets! (My dd wants the tempurpedic!) But I'm always trying to find silky jammies, just because it's so hard to move once the arthritis stiffens me up, and I have to keep changing positions. You've enhanced my life!

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