(Almost) Speechless

Even after well more than a decade, there are still moments when my husband surprises me.

Last week, we had an incredibly silly argument (in the grand scheme of things) Options A and B are different decorating options. Basically, I think its obvious that Option-A is great and Option-B is horrid. My husband thinks its clear that Option-A is horrid and Option-B is great.

Due to a misunderstanding, he incorporated the items for Option-B in the bid list. He really believed that I had agreed with him previously about Option-B. I really believed I had all but tattooed "NO NO NO" on my forehead.

Thus, the "intense discussion" and the shocking surprise!

We were -- ahem, discussing -- the situation. I shared all my objections to Option-B in free-thought-form, which might have sounded like a REALLY unhappy squirrel. My husband mostly tried to follow my stream of thought.

When I run out of breath, he interposed "but Option-B is pretty". Aieeee! Off we went again.

After about a half-hour of this (and yes, I can EASILY monologue free-form for that long) I must have said something that got his attention. He interupted to tell me "Now, THAT strategy is not going to work. It'll just make me mad."

I was stunned almost speechless on multiple levels. Think about it.

(1) We were in the middle of an argument and he was giving me advice on how to win. Against him!

(2) He thought I had a strategy! LOL. That still makes me laugh. Want to know my strategy when arguing with him? (A) Don't hyperventilate -- it'll raise my bloodpressure (B) Don't cry -- it'll make my eyes and head hurt, not to mention looking like a splotchy beet (C) Don't shriek -- it hurts my throat. Yep. Thats the strategy of a evil-genius-mastermind!


You two crack me up. I think I could 'hear' the argument. LOL!!!

Good strategy, by the way.

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