My Husband's Child

Mostly people see me in our children. I refuse to believe this is because they mostly see me as childish ... but that is neither here nor there.

Sometimes I see such a blindingly obvious genetic inheritance from my husband that it gives me pause.

Cassie is a charmingly beautiful child. Three years old. All girl. I try to offer gender neutral options, primary colors with clean lines versus pastels with lots of ruffles. Cassie looks at me like Ive lost my mind and whispers firmly Pink. Ruffles. Flowers. Hearts. Which is not to say that the similarity to my husband is that he likes to wear pink ruffled dresses.

Rather, its the way they both know what they want and are not afraid to firmly explain it to the rest of the world. Politely, but firmly. Very very firmly. And repeatedly if you dont get it the first time. Fortunately for them, I rarely yield to this tactic ... its not good for anyone to get their own way all the time ... but thats neither here nor there.

Occassionally the rest of the world catches glimpses of the depth of similarity between my husband and Cassie.

Remember that Cassie is only three years old.

A few weeks ago, Cassies Sunday School teacher was getting the class ready for a skit in a program on Sunday night. Just a casual program that involves each of the Sunday School classes doing a skit or singing a song or reading a poem. Its fun for the kids, very low pressure for everyone.

Cassies teacher told the class that everyone would be dressed as shepherds (which is an easy costume involving brown towels). Cassie calmly informed her that SHE was not going to be a shepherd, that SHE was going dress as an angel. The teacher stuttered something along the lines of but everyone else is going to be a shepherd which didnt phase Cassie at all, as she reiterated her position. The teacher stammered ummmmm, ummmmm, well, I dont have an angel costume to which Cassie just looked at her and, politely but firmly, slowly said Then well need to talk to Mommy. Shell have one at home

The teacher gave in! She was so mesmerized by Cassies poise and determination that she actually gave in! And not only did she allow Cassie to dress as a sparklely silver white angel while everyone else was a beige brown shepherd, she made the costume herself! I was astounded.

The teacher mentioned to me later that she was SO impressed with the fact that Cassie "could negotiate and arrive at a compromise, which is a skill you rarely see in young children". THAT is another similarity to my husband. People often think hes negotiating with you when in fact he is simply helping you adjust in stages to your new reality. I dont think of that as negotiating, more along the lines of brain-washing. Who would have ever thought that a three-year-old would have a natural talent for that!

UPDATE: Have you ever wondered what happens when the unstopable force crashes into the immovable object? Well, Cassie just refuses to talk! Last night she had a problem. She absolutely refused to tell my husband. Wouldn't even speak. I finally figured it out, fixed it, and talked to her about it. I pointed out that Daddy could fix things too, and often did, and took good care of her, and NEXT time wasn't she going to just tell Daddy in the first place? She looked up at me, suddenly calm, smilingly whispered "no". I shudder to think! How could I end up with one more stubborn than her father! WHAT have I done to deserve THIS!?! (Note to Readers: that was a rhetorical question, there will be NO speculation about my own childhood :)


I think if I'd been a kid in Cassie's shoes... I would've wanted to be one of the Wise Men, even if there were no other Wise Men! :-)

Paul Burgess | 01/03/2006 - 12:46 PM

Which would have been a good choice on your part! Maybe I'm unsophisticated and backwards, but I just have trouble seeing you looking good in a bunch of sparklely tulle :)

Lucy | 01/03/2006 - 02:02 PM

Oh my. I think you're going to have your hands full! I often comment about my kids, "If only they'd use their powers for good!"

That stubborness and surity are qualities that are going to take her far in life, no doubt. If she survives the growing up years! ;o)


Leni | 01/03/2006 - 03:38 PM

Happy New Year Lucy!

Sheilah | 01/04/2006 - 07:16 AM

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Leah | 01/05/2006 - 11:40 PM
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