Living In Fear

Practice muttering the shark music from Jaws in your head, you'll need it a lot during this post. Duh-duh ... duh-duh ... duh-duh

I love the online-only bookclub Zooba. If you don't belong, you should. Its great! I noticed today they have a new service in conjuction with ... (insert faint shark music)

Audio-books! Completely unabridged! Thousands and thousands of them! Including children's books! We've discovered that our children can be completely captivated by books-on-cd as my husband bought the entire Narnia series to prep our children for the movie. We've also discovered that I feel like chewing my arm off after spending countless trips into the city held hostage by hour upon hour of enforced silence so they can hear the story. Now, a whole new world of audio-books opens right before my eyes! And I find that I'm too good a wife and mother to just bury the knowledge (insert slightly louder shark music) because ...

We're taking the children to Colorado to visit family for Spring Break. And we're driving ... (escalating shark music) ... all the way. From here to there. TWO full days of driving. DUH-DUH should reach a huge crescendo in your head about ... now!

I live in fear, wondering what my husband will select for our adventure. I suppose I can only hope for the best. Maybe a little Ronald Dahl. Dare I suggest James and the Giant Peach? Or The Great Brain?

Feel free to make suggestions.


Oh, Lucy, I don't know if you did me a huge favor or disfavor by introducing me to Zooba. I remember a trip to my Mom's when the boys were about seven. It's usually a 12 hour trip but we took a lot of breaks including an overnight stop. On this particular trip, I read Treasure Island. I was so hoarse by the time we got there. They wouldn't let me stop reading, it was SO EXCITING! So the audiobooks seem like a lifesaver to me. Is it just your two oldest that listen? I bought the boys an electronic thingey for their CD player so they could both use earphones to listen to the same music. So if they are listening via earphones, you could have conversation with hubby.

earth girl | 01/11/2006 - 11:20 PM

Oh, you've got to get Kokopelli's Flute! It's the best audio book we've had, the kids loved it, and so did we!

Leni | 01/12/2006 - 05:00 AM

Not sure how old your kids are but I remember the audiobook that FASCINATED me as a kid was Charlotte's Web. Actually, all of my siblings loved it (even my older brother) it was the one thing we all agreed on.

Danielle | 01/14/2006 - 05:57 PM

Audio books are *so* great for kids of all reading levels... The Lemony Snicket audio books are fantastic.
And you have LOTS of options for renting and buying audio books. I work for a company that specializes in renting books on CD, with a great kids' section.

Aileen | 01/20/2006 - 07:47 PM
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