Crazy/Busy, But Still Laughing

I don't know how life got so crazy/busy, and it looks like it'll stay that way for three more days, but I'm still laughing. In fact, here's two moments that made me laugh so hard I almost fell over!

(1) Overheard at Awanas, spoken by a very focused little boy. "We won't talk about the one you really don't want to ever see, you know -- the Evil One. S.A.T.I.N!"

(2) Lee told me that Chris-the-bully was nice to him yesterday at school. I mentioned that maybe we were being a good influence on him, and that maybe it was because we were praying for Chris. Lee said grimly "Maybe. Of course, Chris was only there a half-day!"


There were some vandals who broke into a local church when I was growing up and broke some stuff, stole some money and left disturbing messages around the church.

The news had some footage from the scene and I still laugh about the chalkboard where someone had written (in very large letters):

Satin Is God

I think that this young vandal grew up and turned into a fashion designer.

King of Fools | 01/19/2006 - 04:24 PM

LOL! When I was a kid, I had (actually I still have) a white satin bear I named Sinister Frappo. I was mixed up, somehow I thought Sinister Frappo was a rabbit-- he went along with two stuffed rabbits called Mr. Frappo and Pink Frappo.

I don't rightly remember, but I suspect Sinister Frappo's name also resulted from a mix-up. I think I must have confused "Satin" with "Satan"-- hence, "Sinister" Frappo...

Paul Burgess | 01/19/2006 - 06:53 PM
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