Better Late Than Never

I love playing tag! A few days ago Ö ok, a few weeks ago Ö I was tagged by EarthGirl at GoodEarth playing The Fours. Such fun! Then life got crazy-busy, which will be its own post later. But I was thinking about the questions the whole time! While driving to birthday parties, and Walmart, and doing laundry, and Walmart, and chasing the puppies, and Walmart. See, I have an odd ability to write in my head. Letters. Lists. Complete papers. No rough drafts. It was a skill honed to razor-sharp perfection by necessity. My mother used to read every scrap of paper I touched. She also used to listen in on phone calls and intercept my mail, but thatís another story of paranoia and too-much-Oprah-watching.

And, so, hereís what I thought about Ö

Four Jobs Iíve Had

(1) TJMaxx clerk. I learned that some people are petty horrid people. And that the good stuff is unloaded on Wednesday night, hitting the racks on Thursday morning.

(2) Bookstore clerk. I met my husband there while he was working his way through school! The only college student I knew who spent his own hard-earned money on ďrealĒ bookcases. Got a great discount, and didnít have to deal with the same crazies as TJMaxx. Instead, a totally different set of crazies.

(3) Customer service for Whirlpool. Lol. I learned to be scared by the incompetence of people who work customer service. But they had a seriously great break-room with every appliance known to man. And my husband made them all cry that Valentines Day when he sent a barbershop-quartet to deliver flowers and sing during my lunch.

(4) Telephone customer service for TheLearningCompanySoftware. Only got the job because my husband called the ďheadhunterĒ and discussed why the headhunter seemed disinclined to hire any women for the position. It was an experience that I could write volumes about. It says a lot about the corporate culture that the fastest way to get promoted was to sleep with Roger-your-boss and then complain to HIS boss about the sexual harassment. Theyíd promote you to keep your mouth shut. Needless to say, I didnít get promoted.

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over Again

(1) The Long Kiss Goodnight. Sometimes I feel like the main character. No, I didnít used to be a killer. No, I donít have amnesia. But Ö sometimes I look at myself and remember that scene where sheís remembered her past and is ticked about what that ďschoolteacherĒ did to her body. Then she cuts her hair and gets an attitude. I feel like Iíve been hijacked by the whole pregnant thing. Now, its over. REALLY over. And Iím back. Mostly. Iíll be getting a haircut and an attitude Thursday morning.

(2a) The Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Miracle On 34th Street (the original). A Christmas Carol. The Grinch, animated. (I donít enjoy a Wonderful Life, by the way)

(2b) The Muppet Christmas Carol. Actually, any of the Muppet movies before Henson died and his bitter liberal family took over. Love the soundtracks. Love the cleverness and sweetness of the writing. The Muppets get a little bitter, cynical maybe, mean even, after Henson died. I donít need that in my life.

(3) The Last of the Mohicans. Its pretty, it has good music, it has a happy ending. What more could you want in a movie?

(4) The X-men series. Yeah, I know. I know. And Spiderman. Ya gotta love that scene at the cemetery where she kisses him and he walks off and you see her realize who he is.

A movie that I like, but refuse to watch over and over: Pink Floyd The Wall. Thatís one VERY depressing movie, but at the same time it has a great soundtrack and a fantastic grasp of being inside a nervous breakdown. However, is being inside a breakdown really a place you want a movie to take you? No. Not on a regular basis.

Four Places Iíve Lived

(1) Atlanta, GA. I miss Harryís farmers market, the old one. And Danteís. And Filiniís in Little Five Points. And Athens greek food. And that French brunch place on Peachtree. Sigh. Do you see a pattern?

(2) Gainesville, FL. Flat. Giant bugs. Shorts on Christmas Day, which just isnít right.

(3) Lansing, MI. Cold. Very very cold. Lots of snow. I donít want to ever live anywhere ever again that has bus-stop-warnings. IE, donít send your kids to the bus-stop because theyíll freeze to death by the time the bus gets there even if its only for a few minutes.

(4) Hillsboro, OR (near Beaverton which is near Portland). By far, the most beautiful place. And produce to die for! Tuesday Market is not to be missed! Unfortunately, it was very very far from family and has the whole volcano problem. I miss the day-trips to the mountains, and the beach, and out to Multnomah Falls. Sigh. Eating brunch in the backroom of the Multnomah Falls restaurant. Little known fact: They take reservations, and theyíll make sure you get one of the good tables by the back window if you tell them youíre a local that wants to impress some visiting tourists.

Four TV Shows I Watch

(1) Biggest Loser. I like the happy endings. Itís a very positive show, unlike CelebrityFitClub which is all about the set-up-drama.

(2) Kipper. I just love his little British voice. Its so sweet! And the characters are charming. Oooo. I also love LittleBear. And vintage Sesame Street (pre-Elmo). These are especially good for watching while wrapping Christmas gifts.

(3) Paula Deenís cooking show. Sheís a gem! And, yes, Southerners know that all good recipes ďstart with a whole stick of butterĒ! Lol.

(4) Ummmmm? Maybe Building-The-Ultimate?

Four Books (to balance all that TV watching :)

(1) Almost any Caldecott/Newberry award winner. Childrenís books. I could list hundreds!

(2) The Listener by Taylor Caldwell. Each chapter is a different character and their interaction with the mysterious Listener. Itís a very comforting book, a book that points out connections and understandings even when you feel most alone.

(3) A Confederacy of Dunces. Its brilliant work. My brother bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago because he saw a woman reading it in public and laughing out loud. He asked what she was reading and went straight to a bookstore to buy it for me.

(4) The Foxfire series of Appalachian culture. An Encyclopedia-type series. Basically, a how-to-be-a-pioneer series. I. Want. Them. All. Hmmmmm. This is a new thought. I really do want them all. Why donít I have them already? Hmmmm. I need them. Its been a long time since I thought of books I want just for the joy of having them to read over and over again. Imagine. Time to read! See, I told you I was almost back to myself. Soon Ö soon.

Four Places Iíve Been On Vacation

(1) Disney (in Orlando). My husband went lots as a child, but he took me for the first time the first year we were married. I loved it!

(2) Jamaica. Years and years ago. Before the gangs got bad.

(3) Cherokee, NC. Educational trip with my Aunt. We learned all about Indians and history and Appalachia.

(4) Various beaches, my favorite one was Flagler Beach with the hotel on the water and the sandbar. Just south of Jacksonville. Oooo, and I liked that time sleeping on the beach and watching the Space Shuttle take off at sunrise. Wait Ö nope, my favorite was very definitely the beach-house at Kiawah Island. I had forgotten about that.

Four Websites I Visit Daily

(1,2,3,4) Four words: Read. My. Blog. Roll. I really do visit all the sites daily, except for Babalu which I used to visit everyday but now there a whole lot of it written in Cuban and thatís a little frustrating. And, coming soon, two more sites added to the blog-roll!

Four Favorite Foods

(1) My motherís yellow velvet cake with caramel frosting, and/or her carrot cake with my cream cheese frosting, and/or her chocolate chip cookies which are the best on Earth, and her cinnamon rolls which have inspired slavish devotion from total strangers!

(2) My grandmotherís deviled eggs and chicken-n-rice casserole. She fixed them every holiday meal in spite of the horror from everyone else about them not being ďholidayĒ foods simply because they were favorites of me and my brother. My grandmotherís sugar cookies, which I try in vain to recreate. With applesauce between them, and left to sit overnight. And her birthday cakes, which were a two-egg cake with white frosting and very simple pink trim. And her apple-pie, which I can make if I throw caution to the wind and use butter like thereís no tomorrow!

(3) My Auntís potato salad, which was the first thing I learned to cook. It does NOT involve mushy potatoes and sweet-pickles and repulsive chunks of egg whites!

(4) My Dadís fresh fruit. I remember being sick in bed, and opening my eyes to find him standing there with fresh pineapple (back before it was common). And he never complained when we ďaccidentallyĒ dropped a watermelon in the garden. In fact, he carried a salt-shaker in his pocket and always let us have the heart. Sometimes, Iíll fillet a grapefruit for him as a surprise in the fridge. Thatís the one fruit thing heís not mastered!

(4+) I make a chocolate sauce that people will sneak and eat with a spoon! Just so you know. Iíll blog the recipe for that sometime in the near future.

Four Places Iíd Like To Be Right Now

(1) Iím happy right here, right now this minute. Iíll probably be just a touch happier when the boys get home from school. And then my husband will get home from work. And then I canít imagine anywhere at all Iíd rather be. Really. Honestly.

(2) See #1

(3) See #2

(4) See #3

Added Question, Because I Can If I Want Too: Four Musics Iím Listening To

In my CD player in the kitchen:

(1) Mozart, replacing Bach, replacing the jazz Saxophone Christmas (which the husband frowns on after January and before December)

(2) Trace Adkins, Songs About Me replacing VanZant, Help Somebody

(3) Charlie Daniels and the CDB, The Door (gospel by country singer) replacing Randy Travis (the gospel album with Three Wooden Crosses)

(4) Best of Elmo, replacing SesameStreet Platinum (although I wish it were Pink Floyd, but thatís a REALLY bad choice for a rainy day, unless of course, you want everyone in the house to be incredibly depressed and just Ö grey)

Four Bloggers Iím Tagging

No. Iím not. Yes. Yes, I am. Lets see how far the rabbit hole goes!




Leah | 01/24/2006 - 08:40 PM

Gobble, gobble!

Oddly enough, we were driving home from the home-in-progress-site and a big turkey cruised across the road in front of us. Weird. Call me crazy, but I don't think wildlife should be allowed to run around wild in my neighborhood!

Lucy | 01/24/2006 - 09:36 PM


Thanks for tagging me. It made my day!

Jennifer | 01/25/2006 - 01:42 AM

Oh, I'm so glad you responded. We have several Foxfire books and they are very interesting to read. My grandmother homesteaded during the 1920s about seven miles south of Vista House, outside of Portland. Beautiful country. Are you going to post that potato salad recipe or is it a family secret?

earth girl | 01/26/2006 - 02:19 PM

I just love the Foxfire books! I've had three of the volumes for years and years. Then just after Christmas, when I was over visiting my folks in Wisconsin, I found another four of the volumes in an antique mall. Which leave me only two Foxfire volumes to go...

Paul Burgess | 01/27/2006 - 02:26 PM

Paul -- Ooooo, to live near antique malls and used bookstores. Sigh. But I fear you've been sorely misled, or that you're very bad at math. LOL. There are actually 12 volumes of the Foxfire series, plus four "extra" books such as the cookbook.

Lucy | 01/27/2006 - 03:12 PM

An incredibly fascinating read, I might not exactly concur exclusively, then again you do make some extremely valid points.

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