Grapey And Snake-Squisher

Still LOLing about Sinister Frappo. Still crazy/busy because we are in the midst of our first sleepover. My house is full of children. FULL of screaming sugared-up-on-Belgian-waffles-and-chocolate-ganauche-children. Will post THAT later, especially the part about how they are planning to stay an extra night.

One of my boys, who displays the same naming skills as Paul, named his first toy horse Grapey. It wasn't purple. It had NOTHING to do with grapes. He just liked the word. Grapey. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

A few months later, he got his second toy horse. He named it Snake-Squisher. I asked why. (Wouldn't you ask why?) He got out a toy snake. He put the horse next to it. He looked at them. Suddenly he grabbed the horse, put it on top of the snake (rather agressively), told me "See? Because thats his name!"

Fortunately for Katherine, he didn't get much input into her naming!


Sleepovers are so much fun! We are going to do one at my hotel for my daughters 9th birthday in March. Probably not the smartest idea ....but, I'm sure it will be a blast for the girls. :)

Sheilah | 01/22/2006 - 10:33 PM
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