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There's this guy. We'll call him "George". He goes to our church, generally a good enough fella. Charming. Laid-back, but friendly. He has this theory that you shouldn't work on Sunday. Which is great. Unless you're his wife. Because all of the stuff he should be doing with and for his family is the firmly dumped on his wife. So. She has to work extra-extra-hard. But that's ok because he's following the whole "not working on Sunday" thing? I don't think so.

I don't think he's a bad-guy. Just clueless. And irresponsible. And selfish. And pious. Now, think about it. Are these traits you want to project when you're living a Christian life? Do you want people to think of you with scorn and derision for your world-champion-level inconsideration of another person, even if she's your wife? ESPECIALLY if she's your wife?

Now we get to the part of the story where we learn that I'm not a perfect Christian either. As it turns out, "George" bumped into me as I was dropping Katherine off in the nursery. He's chatty, so he stopped to chat. He asked in that I-know-the-answer-already-kind-of-way if I was ready to have another one. Did I gently tell him "no, although aren't babies just the best things ever"? Not exactly.

I did manage to NOT wrap my fingers around his neck. I just said, in the coldest cold-voice-o-death, "This is not the time to ask that. I just got four children ready for Easter Sunday and prepared for two baptisisms and arrived on time" He looked at me blankly. Diane-the-nursery-worker fell out laughing. George just looked from one to the other of us. Sneaking a look out the corner of his eyes at his wife who was across the hallway with the toddlers. He was honestly confused. Couldn't imagine why that was a relevant answer. Knew he was missing something, which made him a little nervous. Apparently figured if it got that bad his wife was close enough to be able to save him, and plunged ahead!

Yes, I kid you not, he actually wanted to know why that was a big deal. Which made Diane-the-nursery-worker just roll her eyes and laugh some more. I'm pretty sure he knew she was laughing at him instead of with him. I just stared at him blankly. How do you even begin to explain? Well, let me tell what I did NOT say "I'm sure you're such a good helper, you know, the way you make sure to carry her bible to the car with yours while she hauls three children under the age of four. Wow, her mornings must be SO much easier than mine!" Because that is the total amount of help he is to her. Period. He carries her Bible to the car, to spare her that one extra trip. Thats it. Literally. How does a person see someone else struggling with things and walk on by because of the idea "God doesn't want me to work on Sunday" ? I don't remember the verse about self-centeredness being the cornerstone of Christianity.

But, aren't we all like George in some ways? If we really REALLY think about it? (Ok, not the part where he's such a dysfunctional father that other parents stare at him in horror and awe, much the way one watches a train wreck in slow motion) Down to the brass-tacks, George is just so focused on his own needs that he doesn't see anyone else's needs. WE are most likely all like that. Like small selfish children. We probably don't even realize it.

I don't have the answers. Thats would be like the blind leading the blind! But someone out there has some answers, we just have to start asking the right questions.


Oh Lucy--you survived the trapped-by-the-stupid-father-Sunday! Congratulations!
No really. I can't imagine my husband being that blind. No, wait, my dad was just like that, except, he didn't carry mom's Bible--what a jerk.
I'm thankful my husband is so loving. I am thankful my dad actually drove us to church-at least he did that!
Sometimes people are stupid, sometimes I am stupid, but God loves us all just the same. THAT we have to remember.

Leah | 04/17/2006 - 05:35 PM

Ever have someone make you feel guilty because your dh is NOT like that??

I've had two different responses. First, the "Oh, you are SO lucky to have a husband like that, if only *I* had a husband like that, all my problems would be solved." I generally respond to that with, "Back off, he's mine, and by the way, you'd just have a different set of problems!"

But my all time favorite is, "Don't you feel guilty that your husband has to spend so much time helping you, that he doesn't get a chance to be the man God wanted him to be?"

EXCUSE ME??? Yes, I am so sorry that my handicap has deprived my husband of a life of leisure. Did it ever occur to you this IS the man God wanted him to be???


Leni | 04/17/2006 - 05:45 PM
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