Sometimes, It Just Works Out

Life is odd. Full of small unfortunate agrravations. In the grand scheme of things, not so very important. But still a bitter pill. For example, Samantha dated a guy who was a user-n-abuser. He happens to work at THE hip new club in town once or twice a week for his best-friend the club-owner. The break-up didn't go well. Sure, Sam can slash and burn with the worst of them but this wasn't one of those times. For all the good it did her. Now, if she's with a group that decides to go to the club (or meet at the club) she's essentially black-listed. Everyone in her group harrassed all night. Which she rightly sees as a business problem.

Then, yesterday, a friend of hers from forever breezed back into town. She bumped into him, he twirled her around, and said something along the lines of 'Hey, lets catch up at The Club". She just grimaced and told him why she'd rather not. He laughed. And laughed some more. Sam explained that the owner was SO trying to make her life Hell. More laughter. He said "He will never do that again, not after you go in there with me". Sam tried to deflate his ego gently, explaining she appreciated his confidence but that the owner was a REAL jerk with an axe to grind and no amount of charm and/or intimidation was going to turn him into Prince Charming. More laughter. Sam was starting to get ... edgy. Her friend leaned in closer and said "That guy isn't the owner." Sam said "Yes. He is. I know." More laughter. Her friend leaned in closer still and said "No. He's the front for the silent owner. The one that doesn't want his name spread all over a bunch of clubs ... (wait for it) ... My. Dad." More laughter. Or, as Sam put it, "gleeful giggleling" as she stared at him open-mouthed.

Sometimes, the bullies win. But ... sometimes, it just works out.

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