Thank God, Literally

I'm doing that today. Thanking God, literally. Some people mutter it as an exclamation, but they don't really mean it. Today, I mean it from the very depths and breadths of my soul.

I've been meaning to write a post about something I heard recently: Gratitude is rarer than Faith. It seemed like an odd thing to me, because even those without faith are grateful for things. For example, non-Christians write "thank-you" notes. But there's a story in the Bible about Jesus healing ten lepers and only two came back to thank him. After giving it a lot of thought, I've decided that its not that the other eight lepers weren't thankful for their new health. They just didn't make the leap to WHO to be thankful to. Maybe they thought, "Oh, I could have done this if I knew what to do" or "Its a coincidence". Maybe they blocked the awfulness of the disease from their mind, or just let it slip away as they focused on the present.

Maybe it was just easier to not think about the Awesomeness that had touched their lives, because to acknowledge that is to come close to really really thinking about it and if you really think about it then you're bound to realize how your life doesn't measure up.

Some christians think that God is not involved in their everyday lives. That He's only around for the big stuff, like terminal illnesses. That God doesn't go to Walmart with you. (We all know that I think he does, especially after the Crayon Incident last summer). Its almost more comfortable that way, the illusion of independance and self-reliance.

But remember that Jesus said His eye is on even the sparrow? To me, that sounds like a God that pays attention to the details. Personally, it boggles my mind to even think of it. The sheer volume of details He must process! But, then again, I didn't create galaxies. I'm sure He can handle it. If you believe He loves us, how can you believe He wouldn't be paying attention?

Yes, I know that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Yes, sometimes horrific things happen to Christians. Yes, it's not all about me all the time. But ... sometimes it is. Sometimes God just reaches out and say ... "No. Not this way. Not this time."

I take it for granted that my husband will come home safe every time he leaves the house. I don't give it another thought. A quick kiss, "did you take out the garbage?', "when will you be home?", "feed the puppies?". I put out of my mind the things that would happen if he DIDN'T come home one night. The very very very bad things.

Which leads us to why I'm thanking God, especially today. Emphatically today. With ever fiber of my being today. Because my husband isn't dead today.

Friday night he worked a full day at the office, and headed out to the house-site to work there until dark. He's been doing this for weeks, and is so exhausted he didn't notice when he helped the guy install the wrong floodlights. He finished up what he could as long as he had light, and headed out to the truck. He was just standing there for a minute next to the truck. Suddenly, there was a loud "WHOOSH". Flat tire. Very flat tire. In a matter of seconds. Think about that. His tire blew-out right there parked in the driveway.

If it had happened two minutes later, he'd have been onto the stretch of straight highway headed home. Exhausted. Driving MUCH too fast (I know he does). On a road bordered with significant drop-offs where a wrecked truck wouldn't have been visible until day-break.

Now, my husband just sloughed it off with "I'd have been fine, even if it had blown on the highway". Hrumph! You might have guessed he's mostly a God-doesn't-go-to-Walmart kind of guy and I'm a God-is-definitely-at-Walmart ind of girl. Which is mostly ok. I suppose. But ...

I've prayed that God will give me Faith, because I don't have it. Now I also pray for Gratitude, because I don't want to be one of those eight lepers who missed the chance, who didn't say Thank You.


Praising God for His watch care! I think it is such a gift from Him when He allows us to see what might have happened. Can you imagine how many times a day stuff like that happens, and we are blissfully unaware?

BTW, I think God goes to Walmart too!

Leni | 04/24/2006 - 03:43 PM

God at WalMart? Hmmm...He has to be. How many times my children want to wander away from me, but are quickly reminded that Mom is gone, only to come clamoring after me and crying. If God were not at WalMart, my children could quickly be taken, for they are beautiful, well behaved children, that any preditor would be quick to grab.
If God were not at WalMart, I would also be in lots of trouble with my Beloved, because I would spend WAY too much money there! LOL!
Of course, God orchestrates all the details of our lives, I believe. Even when we make a wrong choice, He works hard to turn it around for the better, for our good.
A flat tire, an empty gas tank, a slow driver, you never know when these things are saving you from some danger ahead. I belive God's angels are ever present with us. Guiding us. Protecting us from danger and ourselves.

I believe!

Leah | 04/24/2006 - 05:48 PM

That is so scary..always has been one of my fears. I am glad he is okay, and I think this was a really great post! (Is it bad that I had to double check on the 8 versus 8 lepers?)

Danielle | 04/25/2006 - 01:26 AM

Okay, I think it is nine. I think there were ten lepers and one came back and that leave nine.

Danielle | 04/25/2006 - 01:28 AM

LOL! Yes, I checked and it really was nine-n-one instead of eight-n-two. And that one was a Samaritan, while the others were Jews. Just an interesting side-note.

Lucy | 04/25/2006 - 02:33 PM
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