Movie Night

Movie list that posted so I won't forget by the Fall when we start having Monthly Movie Madness Mommy Monday. Because there are some definite non-child-appropriate movies that no one here in the middle of all this ruralness seems to have seen.

Here's the movies that I enjoyed, at least vaguely. And none of them include animated and/or furry characters. Although, all have happy endings.

Chocolat. Yeah, I know Depp got weird later, but its a pleasent diversion that lends itself well to chocolate snacks. Its a "pretty" movie. Shot on location in France, its just ... pretty.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: When I saw this with Sam, we laughed so hard we cried. Fortunately it was an empty theater at the dollar house in another city because we kept poking each other and squealing "oh-oh-oh-thats-like-..." I find its a movie that transcends cultures. There's not a drop of Greek in me, and I SO get it.

Strictly Ballroom: Australian movie (once again very pretty) with pretty costumes and pretty actors and ... its just pretty. And there's a scene where the main character looks at his Dad across the dance floor in the final competition and the air around him sparkles. In that moment, he looks exactly like my oldest son. Which is rather funny because he also looks like that King-of-Fools picture of his son playing the violin. And our two boys look NOTHING alike.

Auntie Mame: The old version, the one with Rosalind Russell. The one that will make you laugh until you cry. Even if you're a guy. You'll laugh until your sides hurt. If you're my husband, you'll gasp through spasms of laughter "Thats ... exactly ... like ... Sam!" When I called Sam to point that out, she went to rent the movie, watched it and called me screaming! When he's right, he's so very right!

Last of the Mohicans: Ok, this doesn't exactly have a FABULOUS ending. Lots of people don't make it to the very end. But its also a rather pretty movie, its happy enough, and NO ONE here has seen it. How is that possible? They have movie rentals even if no theater! Plus, it makes a great counter-point for my next choice ...

Room With A View: Once again, a very pretty movie. And shocking in that Danial Day-Lewis plays a victorian Englishman and he was also a "savage" in Last of The Mohicans. Sam made me watch them back-to-back and I didn't recognize the actor even though he was in no make-up in both roles! THAT is a real actor.

Barefoot In The Park: Yes, its an old one. The one with Robert Redford, so old that he was young. I told my husband if I die before him and he needs to pick out his own clothing, to watch a few Robert Redford movies and go with that look. Because he tends to look conservative and stylish at the same time. And that line about the pink pills is a classic! And the character Redford plays in this movie? Thats my husband, the early marriage years. Except now mine manages me better! LOL. Sometimes I crack myself up!

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