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I'm in the midst of cake crisis number forty-eleven. However, if you ever need to be saved from yourself (or from the demon-spawn at Wilton) you can probably count on the people at www.CakesBySam.com which is a bakery in Arkansas of all places that was glad to take my order last night for their last 9" cake separator-plate. The last one in stock on Planet Earth. And then, a live person called me this morning to break the news that the inventory was wrong BUT that I should not continue to make that gasping sound because there is a shipment arriving Monday morning and he'll take my stuff straight to UPS and it should arrive by Thursday. Which is ok, because I don't need it until Friday night. I love them. They are my heroes. Imagine, a live person!

And thinking of cake, looking at pretty pictures of fondant covered cake, dreaming about cakes covered in stars and little cowboys, I remembered that Danielle likes fondant. Weird how tirvial trivia about virtual strangers will pop into my mind. And that made me think about Danielle and the test-that-must-not-be-named (which I have decided to refer to as "Bob"). Now, there's a situation that makes my cake-crisis seem insignificant! Ok. Well. Not entirely insignificant, but certainly more manageable than a totally cumlative med-school test!

So, lets all say a little prayer for her today. And tomorrow, when she heads off to deal with Bob. Lets pray for alertness and peace, the ability to focus on what she's studied, that she's sitting next to a non-weirdo, that her car doesn't break down, that she doesn't lock herself out of her apartment, that in general she have a lovely day!


Which is all relevant since my wife took the new puppy to the vet and they gave her 2 prescriptions except they already had someone by her name in the system who they mistakenly picked and this other person's husband has the same last name as me but his name is Bob.

Which is what she has been calling me now. Bob...sounds like a follically challenged individual (which makes it a good fit for me).

King of Fools | 07/20/2006 - 10:22 PM
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