Oh, oh, oh! That reminds me of the first "Bob" I knew!

I went to a high-school full of calm civil tie-wearing guys. "Yes, sir" and "No, ma'am" and "Please" and "Thank You" and detention for wearing your top button unbuttoned under your tie. There were no ... shenanigans ... during class-time. There just weren't. Ok, lunch was a little wilder, but not much. Weekends ... those occassionally made the news. But not really that often, if you think about it in a per-capita kind of way.

Anyway, back to the first day I met "Bob". We were sophomores. In algebra class. The fourth or fifth week of school. There! It was a new student! Bob! Except his name wasn't "Bob". He just looked like a "Bob" instead of a "Mike", at least according to one of the guys. And that guy introduced him to the teacher as "Bob". The teacher thought it must be his middle name, so HE started calling him "Bob"! Being a really great sport "Bob" went along with it. It grew from there. Next thing we knew, ALL the teachers thought he was "Bob"!

By then it was too late. Everyone knew him as Bob. Lots of people didn't even know the joke! He went along with it for years. YEARS! Now, THAT was being a really good sport!


I have a friend that ended up as his Senior Class president because someone put his name in as a joke, and the teacher took it seriously. He was the biggest mess up you'd ever met in your life, but lo and behold, he was elected, and suddenly took it seriously! He grew up that year and acted like a man. His friends were SO disappointed. His mother was thrilled!

Oh, and I tell you all this, because they had lived out of state, and all 8 siblings went by their middle names. When they moved here, they started using their first names. (No one knows why.) They put in his middle name, which is why the teacher didn't catch on to who it was!

Leni | 07/21/2006 - 07:28 PM

Lucy! Woman, where are you????

Leni | 07/27/2006 - 03:04 AM
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