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Leni's on a roll. Having come to the startleing realization that Progresso is Evil. The silver lining is that she's inspired ... Soup blogging!

I love a good soup. I especially love a good rich soup that has a dash of lemon juice to clean up the flavor. Paul over at The Finder Beware has a really rocking beefy-cabbagey soup. My husband likes it with ginger.

I'm thinking I might make okra soup today. I made some a few days ago and burned it :( Saute some onion, and celery, and maybe some bell pepper if they're on sale, in butter until the onion is soft. Add some canned tomatos and a lot of chopped okra (available frozen, but only use piece that have the seeds on both sides of the cut because the end pieces are tough and stringy). Then, 1/2 can of rotel. Simmer until the okra is thoroughly cooked. Its seriously yummy. And seriously healthy.

And Chicken Corn Chowder. Which is creamed corn (frozen not canned) and chicken broth and cream and chopped chicken and a few shreds of carrot, and a couple of cans of chopped green chilies. Suprisingly mild. Top with shredded cheddar and serve with cheese toast. Not top of the list for health or weight loss!

Yum. Chili. Yummy. Senate Bean Soup (involving sausage). Yum. Turkey -Rice-Cream soup. Yum. Brocalli -Chicken -Cheese soup. Yuuuuuuummmmmm.

*SIGH* Can you tell its cold and rainy here?


LOL! Who knew I'd inspire you to cook?

Wanna bring over some chili? I could really go for some, and cooking is out of the question....

Leni | 10/25/2006 - 06:59 PM

I love soup, too. Last night I made a delicious French Onion Soup - butter, sliced onions, low-sodium beef broth, wine, pepper and parsley. Topped with ciabatta and muenster.


Jennifer | 10/25/2006 - 09:39 PM

Oh, Jennifer, that sounds REALLY good!

Leni | 10/25/2006 - 10:15 PM
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