Smallish Emergencies

I just had a thought. I've significantly packed for the move into the new house which will be some time in December. Or not. But lets just ASSUME that nothing else goes horrifically wrong, and the move is in December.

I've avoided several issues by having an OpenHouse the week before we move in. Four hours on a Sunday afternoon for warm Christmas punch and cookies. And egg-nog. And maybe coffee.

Hence, Emergency #1. I know nothing about coffee. Sure, has cute blends, but I'm thinking I need "real" coffee. What I want is a coffee so good their eyes will roll up in their heads as they mutter to themselves. But, what is it and where do I find it? And just so we're all clear, I refuse to pay $50 a pound for Jamacian Blue Mountain. Its not THAT good, just pretentious.

Which leads us to Emergency #2. I need to serve extra-fabulous cookies. BUT I've already packed all my cookbooks. Don't mention the library. It burned about ten years ago and no one has seen fit since then to replace the cookbook section. Freaks. But thats another story. Back to MY trauma: I need some good cookie recipes. I need "yummy". I need some recipes that make people pull you aside and beg (for the recipe). I want this experience burned in their minds!


I posted a recipe for Lemon Squares on my blog. For a second, I thought about crashing your open house for all the yumminess, but came to my senses. I look forward to getting some new recipes from your request.

Earth Girl | 10/30/2006 - 01:17 PM

There'll be a post of menu and recipes a little later. It'll help keep me on track ;) I know me. If I'm not strict, I'll end up with 30 kinds of cookies and about 30 cookies per capita!

Lucy | 10/31/2006 - 03:26 AM
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