I Hate Scary Movies

It probably stems from an unfortunate viewing of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow when I was a small child. Late at night. At my Aunt's house, which terrified me anyway. About this time of year.

"This time of year" still bothers me. Except now its the aggravation of avoiding the gore and dismemberment in the candy aisle at Walmart and the shock-n-awe style movies that pop up on every channel. Channel-surf at your own risk! And thus, last night I was shocked to find myself enthralled in a horror movie.

Really mesmerized. Its a ... beautiful ... movie. The Village by Shyamalan. (avoid all reviews as its a very easily spoiled movie) Yeah, yeah. I can hear you complaining now. "It was the most boring movie ever. All my friends hated it. I didn't see it, but the press was SO bad" And all those things are probably true. IF you were looking for a slasher-movie where they used fake-blood by the gallons. Its bound to be a dissapointment for those looking for the cheap thrill of things leaping out of the closet. Or hiding under the bed. There are no screams from the living-room when people watch this movie. No nervous giggling. No white knuckles. And yet you cannot look away.

The Village is an ... elegant ... movie. The scene that captured my attention was very early in the movie. The one where the creatures are coming and she will not lock the door against them because she thinks HE will also coming to ensure her safety. Filmed in profile, its extraordinarily ... graceful. No other word for it. The movements are so precise and smooth, just ... grace personified.

How many times have you heard THAT said about a horror movie!?!?


Never. Now you've peaked my interest. Can you sleep peacefully after??

Suzanne Temple | 10/30/2006 - 12:16 PM

No nightmares at all. None. Which stunned my husband. Because I am definitely prone to nightmares. Which is why I don't watch sci-fi-television anymore.

Although, I did find that I was thinking about the movie this morning while I was brushing my teeth. Not very many movies (of any genre) make you think about things hours later.

Lucy | 10/30/2006 - 01:55 PM
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