Adventures In Shopping

Alternately titled: Buying Clothes At The Hair-Salon!

It all started when Cassie whacked off all her hair late Monday afternoon. Apparently, thats prone to happen when small children are bored out of their minds while trapped indoors by an ice-storm. THIS is the kind of emergency that makes one glad your husband saw the light and bought a big-boy-truck with four wheel drive so you could get to a salon as soon as possible.

(More than one person interupts when I'm telling this story to ask "You went out in that weather to get her hair cut!?!" Yes. Yes I did. It wasn't that bad. Clear streets. Just two miles. They had power, I called and checked first. No problem)

I found out that my next door neighbor has started working there, so I left Cassie in the chair with her and dashed off to the infant department to look at sleepers. The salon is in the corner of JCPennys, which is not a store I usually frequent but they were open and fixing hair so there we were.

I wandered around in the baby department, snagged some comfy velour pants for Katherine, went back to pick up Cassie when they paged me (she now looks like a flapper from the 1920's which will take FOREVER to grow out but is at least presentable in public), and then walked over to the boys department to look at hoodies for basketball practice.

la-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (Imagine the music used in old movies when the clouds parted and the light shown down on something magically spectaular, accompanied by a chorus of angels)

There it was. Green-ticket final clearance. Plus an additional 40% off. For the uninitiated, its like the Holy Grail of shopping. It means the previously $14.99 turtleneck was $1.18. Yes, friends, thats about 92% OFF RETAIL! Of course, we got one of every color and every size. Period. For mine. And my brothers children. And actually a few other random small children. I built a mountain. A clerk noticed. She was working with a little hand-scanner (it turns out later she was actually doing the mark-downs) She directed me to a happy rack in the little-girls department. I built another mountain. She came by and started moving the mountains to the front register. We moved on to other departments. More mountains. She told me she hadn't processed the baby stuff yet, but if I showed her what I was interested in she'd go ahead and process it. Two hours later, I "closed" Pennys and broke their register. Now they ALL know that if you buy more than 50 items on one receipt the machine freezes. And their coats for children have gone green-ticket as well. Just FYI.

It was like the perfect storm! Well, perfect for me. Not so perfect for Pennys. Apparently their plan was to mark down their clearance a little bit for the big holiday weekend and then take the rock-bottom clearance Monday night right before closing after heavy shopping had depleted their stocks. BUT everyone was trapped in their homes by ice over the weekend and I was one of the first shoppers to venture out on Monday night, hitting the mother-lode of sales.

Shoot! (or the expletive of your choice) I just thought of a small relative I forget to buy for. Man! And I was going to spend all day in my pajamas.


You are the master!

My dh is heading back to Sears today to get the sneakers that were marked down. He had already bought books (much needed) so thought he should hold off. Silly boy!

I'm trying to figure out how I could ditch basketball today to that I can go get myself some sneakers! lol

Leni | 01/19/2007 - 01:20 PM

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Sally Kraus | 11/08/2007 - 08:51 AM
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